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Quick Answer: Who Is The Father Of Historia’S Baby?

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Who is Historia’s baby daddy?

ErenAll the proof you need that Eren is the Father to Historia’s Child.

Who immunized historia?

Concluding: the father of the baby Historia is the “Farmer”, as the manga and anime say. This will continue until Hajime Isayama, who has two more chapters, says something.

Who is Levi’s crush?

Erwin Smith1 SHOULD : Erwin Smith Although there are many characters he admires, Erwin Smith is the one that Captain Levi truly loves, which places Erwin at the top of the list. Levi’s devotion and loyalty to Erwin are also signs that they were meant to be together.

Why did Eren become evil?

He saw the world hated him, and that he had no other choice but to kill everyone. He was convinced that the entire world was his enemy.

Will Mikasa be with Jean?

Mikasa may not end up with Jean, but it is possible. She is most likely to marry Eren because she is madly infatuated with Eren. She is also likely to fall in love with Eren, but I don’t believe he has yet realized how much.

Did Eren and Mikasa get to kiss?

Mikasa and Eren did have a moment. It was a wonderful moment. They shared the same dream where they experienced a quiet life as a couple, and were able to kiss in a macabre romantic style. Mikasa saved Eren and allowed them to express their true feelings.

Did Mikasa and Jean kiss


Historia and Eren in love

No. Historia is not the one Eren loves. Historia’s phony behavior was the reason Eren initially disliked Historia. After the events of the Upraising Arc (Season 3 Part 1), Eren began to respect Historia.

Is Eren the father? 139

He had fought Armin, and said that he hated Mikasa to get them out of Armin. They will be taken to all the places Armin has described by him through his paths. Historia gives birth and the father is revealed as eren.

Armin is a girl

Armin is a boy name. (One source. But there are many.) In the English dub, he is voiced in English by a male. Although he is voiced in Japanese by a male, it is normal for weak or young boys (Shinji, Edward Elric, etc. ).

Was Eren able to see the history when he kissed it?

To answer your question: When Eren kissed Historia during her coronation (year 855), he saw Grisha Yeager’s memories killing the Reiss families (year 845) and the future memory Eren that Grisha had witnessed while fighting Frieda Reiss.

Is Eren Historia Eren’s baby daddy?

Historia is my baby daddy, and Eren Jaeggar has many reasons to believe so. Historia may have placed her trust in Eren Jaeggar to bear her child because they had formed a trust bond since their kidnapping.

Historia is pregnant with Eren

Historia may have married the farmer and had a child with him to dissuade Eren from Rumbling to stop the end of the world. The answer is no to that question, but it’s still not certain because Hajime Isayama, the creator, has yet to confirm the theory.

Who is Historia’s father?

However, there is one character who would like to keep it secret from the public. That is Zeke. Zeke is the father, even though he opposes Eldian reproduction. Zeke would have been dead by now, so it is unlikely that the reason was because he didn’t want the death.

Is Annie in love?

They do love one another. Armin still visits Annie, even though Annie has been sleeping in her crystal for four years. The way he blushes whenever Hitch teases it is enough to conclude that he does love her. He even admitted his love for Annie.

Who married Eren?

Mikasa1. Article Highlight. Yes, Eren loves Mikasa. She is his second most important mother. Historia and Eren can still marry, but it’s more for duty and obligation than love.

Who was the farmer who got Historia pregnant?

Historia is believed to have been impregnated by Farmer-kun. However, this was actually a childhood friend who used to throw stones at Historia as she never left the farm.

Heirs of Eren to historia

Historia will never marry Eren. She is homosexual. She is in love with Ymir, and they had planned to marry at one time. Mikasa, Eren’s daughter, is the one who will marry him.

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