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Our Quick & Easy PoE Prophecy Guide – Updated For PoE 3.11

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Since their release in PoE Patch 2.3.0, during the Prophecy League, prophecies have been an integral part of the game.

These help you to juice out the content, complete achievements, and make the game much more enjoyable.

To our surprise, however, many people still don’t understand how they work or why they are so amazing. They also don’t know how to use them to maximize their PoE profit.

Today we have compiled a concise and complete PoE prophecy Guide to help you understand the mechanic and use it to improve your game.

What are Prophecies in PoE?

Prophecies in Path of Exile are basically a mechanism that affects your character’s future. For a single Silver Coin, you can buy them from Navali. Once you have gotten a few, all of them will be kept in the Prophecy Screen.

They can make certain encounters or modify specific outcomes.

Contrary to many bonus content mechanics, prophecies do not trigger specific quests. You simply need to fulfill a condition and voila!

Navali will not accept the reward. The prophecy itself is the reward mechanism for any given prophecy.

What are some of these rewards?

PoE prophecies are very lucrative as they offer tons of rewards such as currency, item drops and additional monsters.

Because they add lots of monsters to your instance or map, prophecies such as Monstrous Treasure are very popular and lucrative. If your map has extra monster drop modifiers, you will see an avalanche in currency and loot. Make sure to set your PoE loot filter sounds so you don’t miss any loot. Keep reading our PoE prophecy to find out how this clever mechanic can enhance your game.

How do you use prophecies in PoE?

Silver Coin is one of the most common currency drops. Once you have a few, head to your PoE player hideout or Act 1 Town to find Navali. (We’ve already covered how to get her in the town within our PoE Act 1 Leveling guide).

Activating and viewing your prophecies

Navali will help you buy a prophecy. Every prophecy you reveal will cost one Silver Coin.

After you have purchased prophecies from Navali you can view them in the Prophecies Screen. The screen can be accessed by clicking on the “View Your Prophecies” option in Navali’s conversation, or simply pressing the H key if using PoE default keybindings.

Sealing Away Prophecies

You can seal the prophecies for an additional silver coin, and then sell them to other players if you are not one of the RNG forces.

This can be done by using the Seal option and a prophecy that has been selected in the Prophecy Screen.

While it might be tempting to sell all prophecies at once, remember that many are worth doing for the league rewards or achievement completion. Only a few prophecies can be sold and sealed. To find out how much your prophecies may be worth, use

We recommend sealing prophecies when they are in one of these conditions:

  1. If the prophecy has been in demand, you can recover a portion of your currency investment.
  2. Prophecy can be worth decent currency.
  3. Prophecy can be a real hind-side thorn.

You can also keep the most common “low-value” PoE prophecies activated to ensure they don’t roll again. While you may have used up some of your 7 prophecy slots but will be rolling from a much more favorable pool of options,

Completing Your Prophecies

Let’s suppose you have rolled all the prophecies that you are interested in and you now want to complete them. How do you run them and finish them?

Prophecies in PoE have an automatic completion criteria. They are also activated automatically depending on the conditions set out in the prophecy.

The purple quest indicators located on the right side of Path of Exile’s game interface can be used to track the status of your prophecy.

Most often, the condition is due to an event or entering a certain zone.

Once you have completed the prophecy encounter, you will need to close it. Voila! You’ve got loot!

Pretty simple, huh?

Can you leave the zone and not lose the prophecy, however? Yes, as long as the instance is not reset, you can leave the zone and return via a portal. You will still have the prophecy that you spawned.

What are the Types of Prophecies in PoE?

We’ve created this handy list to help you understand the concept better.

These are the most popular types of prophecies that you will find in Path of Exile.

Modify Zone

This type changes the function of certain zones or the creatures that you’ll find within.

Unique Boss

This type creates a boss at a specific location in Wraeclast.


This type allows you to go on a hunt for particular enemies or types of monsters in exchange for an item drop that is of particular rarity.


This type can add additional benefits to your crafting. There are many benefits to Crafting prophecies. These include adding six sockets with one orb of jeweler’s jewelry, and adding additional properties.

Fated Unique

This type rewards you with extra loot and unique item upgrades.

Drop Mod

This type allows you to drop a specific type of currency for certain types of monsters.

Prophecy Chains

You will need to complete multiple stages in order to get the reward.

What are the Best PoE Prophecies

Our PoE prophecy guide would not be complete without showing you some of the most important PoE prophecies.

The Most Valuable Prophecies

These are the most important prophecies in the game as of patch 3.11.0e.

  • The Queen’s Sacrifice-This prophecy gives Atziri the opportunity to upgrade Atziri’s Mirror, making it more powerful and valuable Atziri’s Reflection.
  • Trash to Treasure – With one chance, you can transform a regular item into something unique. This is useful when you are hunting for achievement and endgame builds.
  • Fated Connections – This allows you to add six sockets onto an item using a single jeweler’s orb.’s Prophecy Tracker can be used to track the most recent changes to the “values” we recommend here in our PoE prophecy book.

Closing Thoughts

Prophecies are an integral part of Path of Exile. These prophecies allow you to increase your level faster, gain more loot, attain impressive achievements and challenges, and have more fun playing the game.

Today’s PoE prophecy guides will cover every detail you need to know about prophecies.

We wish you all the best in exile.

We’d love to hear from you if our PoE prophecy guides were helpful. You can also learn more about the game by visiting our Path of Exile guides section.

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