Top new features in next Windows 10 major update

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In this article we are talking about top new features that users will receive with Windows 10 20H1 aka version 2004. Windows 10 20H1 update aka Windows 10 Version 2004 is the next Windows 10 version and it will be released sometime in April 2020 to public. The version 2004 update is a major feature update and brings many new features, changes and improvements.

You can read all the changes and new features that Windows 10 Version 20H1 brings with itself by clicking here in our massive categorized changelog.

GPU temperature monitoring comes to Task Manager:

If you have a dedicated GPU card, you will be able to see the current temperature next to its listing in the Performance Tab.

Disk type now visible in Task Manager Performance tab:

You’ll now be able to see the disk type (e.g. SSD) for each disk listed in Task Manager’s performance tab. This is particularly helpful in cases where you have multiple disks listed. Filex explorer also gets its share of new features and improvements with Windows 10 Version 2004.

A new File Explorer search experience:

File explorer search is now powered by Windows Search. This change will help integrate your OneDrive content online with the traditional indexed results. As you type in File Explorer’s search box, you’ll now see a dropdown populated with suggested files. These improved results can be launched directly by clicking the entry in the new suggestions box, or if you want to open the file location, just right-click the entry and there’ll be an option to do so. If you need to use commands or dig deeper into non-indexed locations, you can still press enter and populate the view with the traditional search results.

New tablet mode for 2-in-1 convertible PCs:

Microsoft will roll out a new tablet experience for 2-in-1 convertible PCs. This new experience allows users entering tablet posture to stay in the familiar desktop experience without interruption, plus a few key touch improvements:

  • Increased spacing between Taskbar icons.
  • Search box on taskbar collapsed into an icon.
  • File Explorer switches to touch optimized layout.
  • Touch keyboard auto invokes when you tap text fields.

Here are the steps to enable the mode once 20H1 is installed.

  1. Use your convertible PC as a laptop as you normally would–opening apps and interacting with them.
  2. When you’re ready to pick it up and go or simply lean back on the couch, you can fold back the keyboard or remove it altogether, and it should switch to this new mode shown above.
  3. Now use your device as a tablet with touch.

Recovery Improvements

Introducing a new Reset this PC option–Cloud Download In Windows 10 version 2004, “reset this PC” now provides users a new choice to download Windows or use local reinstall. Previously, Reset this PC was only able to do a local reinstall and would build a new Windows installation from existing Windows files. The cloud download option will reinstall the same build, version, and edition, that is currently installed on your device. This new cloud download option is available to all Windows 10 devices and is different from the “Recover from the cloud” feature available on some earlier Windows 10 devices. This is a recovery operation and will remove apps you have installed. Additionally, if the “Remove everything” option is selected, user data will also be deleted.

Refining your notification settings

Microsoft has made notification settings more easily discoverable. In version 2004,

  1. When you receive a notification toast, there will now be an inline option to turn off notifications for that app, or head to the app’s notification settings.
  2. When you dive into an app’s notification settings, you’ll find added pictures to help articulate the impact of a certain settings.
  3. Muting notifications is as a top-level option in Notification & Actions Settings now.
  4. A new direct link at the top of the Action Center to manage notifications, so it takes one less step to get to Notification & Actions settings.
  5. You can now sort the list by which apps most recently sent notifications.
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