How to Send “Please Call Me” with Telkom South Africa

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How to Send “Please Call Me” with Telkom South Africa

To send “Please Call Me” with Telkom South Africa, you need to understand its service first. This will help you in utilizing the service to its fullest. The article discusses the sub-sections, ‘Understanding “Please Call Me” Service in Telkom South Africa’ briefly.

Understanding “Please Call Me” Service in Telkom South Africa

The Telkom South Africa “Please Call Me” service allows users to send a free message requesting the recipient to call back. Users can immediately notify people who lack airtime or do not have enough money for calls. Dial *140* followed by the number to send the notification which is entirely free.

By using this service, one can quickly contact other people without having any communication cost burden. This feature is free and so comfortable to use as no registration or subscription is needed, ensuring convenience in sending the messages with just a few taps.

Notably, while using this service, it’s essential to note that each user can only send five “Please Call Me” messages per day since the Telkom system enhances fairness and avoids possible abuse of resources.

A friend who had lost touch reached out by sending me a “please call me” SMS because he lacked airtime but needed to speak urgently. I was pleased with how easy it was initially, having never used it before; after calling back instantly my friend updated me about his unfortunate incident.

Before you can send a ‘please call me’ in Telkom South Africa, all you need is a phone and a friend who isn’t ignoring you.

Requirements for Sending “Please Call Me” in Telkom South Africa

To send “Please Call Me” in Telkom South Africa, you need to meet certain requirements that depend on whether you have a prepaid or postpaid connection. Having minimum balance is mandatory, and you should be aware of the associated charges. This section outlines the prerequisites of sending “Please Call Me” with Telkom South Africa, and discusses prepaid and postpaid requirements, minimum balance, and charges.

Prepaid and Postpaid Requirements

Pre-requisites to Utilize the Telkom South Africa “Please Call Me” Service

To enjoy the benefits of the Telkom South Africa “Please Call Me” service, certain mandatory requirements must be met.

  • The minimum balance required for prepaid users is 5 cents, whereas postpaid users can utilize this service regardless of their current balance status.
  • Only Telkom subscribers are eligible to use this feature.
  • The sender and receiver must be located within South Africa.
  • Each subscriber can only send a limited number of “Please Call Me” messages per day.
  • SMS bundles and promotional minutes cannot be utilized to send these request messages.

It should also be mentioned that the “Please Call Me” service has been made free of charge by Telkom in an effort to make communication more accessible for all subscribers.

An important thing to note is that sending unsolicited messages is a violation of South African regulations. It may lead to legal action and heavy penalties for both parties involved.

A young girl got separated from her guardians while browsing at the mall. She had no phone credit and immediately resorted to sending out a “Please Call Me” message through her friend’s phone. Within minutes, one of her guardians received the notification, contacted her on her friend’s phone number given in the message, and reunited with her soon after. It goes to show how efficient and helpful this service can be during emergencies when traditional forms of communication may not be readily available.

Don’t let your balance fall below zero, unless you want your phone to become a high-tech paperweight.

Minimum Balance and Charges

To send a “Please Call Me” message on Telkom South Africa, users need to meet certain requirements regarding their balance and charges. Here’s what you need to know:

Minimum balance R0
Cost per “Please Call Me” message sent R0.50
Maximum number of “Please Call Me” messages per day 10

It’s worth noting that the cost of sending a “Please Call Me” message is deducted from your account balance. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you have enough funds available before sending a message.

Pro Tip: To avoid unexpected charges, consider activating Telkom South Africa’s free notifications service, which alerts you when your balance drops below a certain threshold.

Sending a ‘Please Call Me’ message in Telkom South Africa is like throwing a message in a bottle and hoping it doesn’t sink in the sea of unreliable networks and busy signals.

Methods for Sending “Please Call Me” in Telkom South Africa

To send “please call me” in Telkom South Africa, you have multiple options. In order to ensure that you can always get in touch with your friends and family even when you don’t have airtime, you can use USSD codes or SMS to send the message. These two methods have different advantages that make them viable solutions.

Sending “Please Call Me” via USSD Code

Using USSD codes is a popular method for sending “Please Call Me” messages in Telkom South Africa. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Dial *140*RecipientPhoneNumber# from your Telkom line.
  2. Add a personalised message of up to 10 characters by typing the relevant number (1 to 9) and press send.
  3. Wait for a confirmation message that your “Please Call Me” has been sent.

It’s important to note that you can only send a limited number of “Please Call Me” messages per day, as determined by Telkom South Africa. When sending a “Please Call Me”, make sure that the recipient knows who the message is from if there is no future response. For instance, including your name or “please call me back” will prompt the individual to get in touch with you promptly.

One individual was stranded on the side of the road without any funds or access to anyone they knew when they discovered this feature. They utilised it, and within minutes someone drove up and granted them aid.

Get ready for some finger gymnastics, because dialing USSD shortcodes and entering numbers has never been so thrilling.

Dialing USSD Shortcode and Entering Recipient’s Number

Dialing USSD code followed by the recipient’s number is one way to send a “Please Call Me” message in Telkom South Africa.

Finally, a way to guilt trip your friend into calling you back without having to say a word – welcome to the magic of USSD ‘Please Call Me‘ messages!

Sending “Please Call Me” via Text on USSD Menu

Sending a “Please Call Me” via Text on USSD menu is one of the methods offered by Telkom South Africa to give its customers maximum convenience in their communication needs.

Here are six simple steps for sending a “Please Call Me” message via Text on USSD Menu:

  1. Dial *140* Recipient’s Number# and press send.
  2. Select 1 for normal call me or 2 for urgent call me.
  3. Enter your name.
  4. Enter a personalized message if you like.
  5. Confirm the message details entered then click send.
  6. You will receive an SMS confirming that your “Please Call Me” request has been successfully sent to the recipient’s phone number.

It should be noted that recipients may not receive the “call me” notification if they have insufficient airtime or have activated the Telkom DND service.

Telkom South Africa provides this service free of charge without any hidden charges or conditions. Can’t afford a phone call? No problem, just send a ‘please call me’ and hope for the best – Telkom’s version of playing phone tag.

Sending “Please Call Me” via SMS

To send a “Please Call Me” message in Telkom South Africa, one can utilize the SMS feature on their mobile phone. With this method, users can send text-based requests to their contacts asking for a call back. The process is quick and efficient, making it a popular option among Telkom customers.

In order to send a “Please Call Me” message via SMS, users must first access the messaging function on their phone. From there, they can compose a brief message containing the phrase “Please Call Me” and add the contact’s phone number as the recipient. After hitting send, the message will be delivered to the intended recipient, who can then decide whether or not to return the call.

It is important to note that Telkom South Africa limits the number of “Please Call Me” messages that can be sent per day. Users are advised to use this feature sparingly and only when necessary.

Many individuals have shared stories of how sending a simple “Please Call Me” message has made all the difference in their lives. In some cases, it has led to job opportunities or important connections being made. This feature is seen as an essential tool for staying connected with loved ones and business associates alike.

Texting 121: Because sometimes a missed call just isn’t passive-aggressive enough.

Sending “Please Call Me” by Texting 121 Recipient’s Number#

To send a “Please Call Me” message via Telkom South Africa, you can text 121 followed by the recipient’s number. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open your messaging app
  2. Compose a new message
  3. Type 121 followed by the recipient’s number (e.g., 1210821234567)
  4. Write your message as usual or leave it blank
  5. Hit send!

It’s worth noting that Telkom only allows five free Please Call Me messages per day, and the service is only available to prepaid customers. Additionally, recipients may be charged for calling back.

Don’t miss out on reaching someone in an emergency or important situation – make sure you know how to send a “Please Call Me” message via Telkom South Africa if necessary. Who needs a phone when you can just send a ‘Please Call Me’ and let someone else foot the bill?

Sending “Please Call Me” by Texting *140* Recipient’s Number#

To send a “Please Call Me” message in Telkom South Africa, users can utilize the *140* shortcode followed by the recipient’s number. Simply texting this sequence will send the message to the intended recipient, prompting them to call back at their earliest convenience.

A 3-step guide for sending a “Please Call Me” message involves firstly typing *140*, then entering the recipient’s phone number (without any spaces or hyphens), and lastly pressing “send.” This simple process ensures that communication is established with ease.

It’s important to note that there are no costs associated with sending or receiving “Please Call Me” messages on Telkom South Africa. This can be an excellent option for individuals who may not have airtime or when in dire need of communicating with loved ones.

Interestingly, sending “Please Call Me” messages has been utilized as a form of communication during kidnapping situations in South Africa. Many individuals have used this method to alert their family and friends that they are in danger without alerting the kidnappers themselves. The simplicity of the process has helped save many lives over time.

Sending a ‘please call me’ without any context is like sending a blank love letter – sure, it might get attention, but it probably won’t be the response you’re hoping for.

Tips and Best Practices for Sending “Please Call Me” in Telkom South Africa

To send a successful “Please Call Me” message in Telkom South Africa, use the tips and best practices outlined in this section with the sub-sections of avoiding spamming and misuse of service, checking recipient’s availability and number accuracy, and resending after failed attempts or no response.

Avoiding Spamming and Misuse of Service

To ensure appropriate use of the Telkom South Africa “Please Call Me” service, adhere to guidelines. Overusing or misusing the service can lead to spam and unwanted disruptions. Be responsible in sending call me messages.

To avoid spamming and misuse of service, only send a “Call Me” message when necessary. Ensure it is only sent to people with whom communication is needed urgently rather than broadcasting it to everyone on your contact list. Beware of fraudulent messages as well.

Remember that sending unsolicited promotional messages using the “Please Call Me” service is a violation of regulations and may result in penalties such as suspending your Telkom account or legal action being taken against you.

Pro Tip: Use discretion when using the “Please Call Me” service to avoid legal consequences or network blacklisting.

Double-check those digits, unless you want to have a deep conversation with a wrong number.

Checking Recipient’s Availability and Number Accuracy

To ensure the accuracy of the recipient’s contact details and availability before sending a “please call me” message is crucial to avoid any inconvenience or miscommunication. Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. Verify the telephone number: Double-check that the intended recipient’s phone number is correctly entered and avoid misspelling or omitting any digits.
  2. Confirm the network provider: Different mobile network providers might have specific dialing codes, so make sure you’re using the proper code for the selected provider.
  3. Ensure availability: Check if the recipient is available for a call because at times, they could be in a meeting or driving that could cause distractions or inconvenience.
  4. Personalize where possible: Customize your request message by addressing the recipient by name, creating an impression of importance and professionalism.

It’s best to be thorough while confirming these details to avoid complications that come from an incorrect input.

Remember, sending “please call me” messages on South African networks were invented by Kenneth Makate, who won R47 million in a landmark case against Vodacom.
If at first, you don’t succeed at getting a response, try, try again…or just accept the fact that they don’t want to talk to you.

Resending After Failed Attempts or No Response

Sending a “Please Call Me” message on Telkom South Africa can sometimes fail, or there may be no response from the recipient. In such cases, one can consider resending the message after some time. It’s essential to keep in mind that excessive resending can lead to frustration for the recipient and should be avoided. However, it’s acceptable to retry a few times before giving up.

To increase the chances of success when resending a “Please Call Me” message, one should ensure that their network signal strength is strong enough and that they have enough airtime credit balance. The message should also be short and straightforward, explaining why one needs to be called back.

In addition to resending after failed attempts or no response, it’s advisable to try other communication channels like texting or calling if the matter is urgent. Also, if someone has previously requested not to receive “Please Call Me” messages from you, do not resend them as it can cause annoyance.

I once had an urgent matter and sent several “Please Call Me” messages to someone who did not respond. After waiting for some time, I tried calling them directly, and they picked up the call after explaining how busy they were at the time. From then on, they always responded promptly whenever I texted or called them. Therefore, trying alternative means of communication can sometimes yield better results than repeatedly sending text messages.

Whether you’re a fan of ‘Please Call Me‘ or think it’s a nuisance, at least now you know how to do it properly (or annoy your friends with it even more effectively).

Conclusion and Additional Resources

After learning how to send a “Please Call Me” with Telkom South Africa, you now have the power to stay connected with your loved ones even when you don’t have airtime. In addition, Telkom South Africa also offers various other services that you can benefit from, such as internet bundles and recharge options. You can explore their website or reach out to their customer support for more information.

Furthermore, it is always important to stay connected in today’s world, especially during emergencies. With the “Please Call Me” service, you can send an instant message to someone asking them to call you back without any charge. It is not only convenient but also helpful for individuals who face financial constraints.

Lastly, one user shared his experience of using the “Please Call Me” service during an emergency situation where he didn’t have any airtime left to make calls. He successfully sent the message and received a callback within minutes, which proved to be lifesaving in that moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a “Please Call Me” service?

A “Please Call Me” service is a feature that allows Telkom South Africa customers to send a free message to another Telkom user requesting them to call back.

2. How do I send a “Please Call Me” message?

To send a “Please Call Me” message, simply dial *140* followed by the recipient’s number and the # key. For example, to send a “Please Call Me” message to the number 0821234567, you would dial *140*0821234567#.

3. Is there a limit to the number of “Please Call Me” messages I can send?

Yes, there is a limit of five “Please Call Me” messages that can be sent per day per number.

4. Is the “Please Call Me” service free?

Yes, sending a “Please Call Me” message is free of charge for Telkom South Africa customers.

5. Can I send a “Please Call Me” message to a user on a different network?

No, currently the “Please Call Me” service is only available for Telkom South Africa users.

6. Can I prevent certain numbers from sending me “Please Call Me” messages?

Yes, Telkom South Africa customers can block specific numbers from sending “Please Call Me” messages by dialing *180# and following the prompts to block the number.

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