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Rush Royale Tier List – The Best Cards And Decks In The Game

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You’ll need to first unlock the most powerful cards in Rush Royale to make it easy to climb the ladder. Harlequin, Summoner are the most popular decks in Rush Royale. Although the meta changes with each patch, these two cards have been an integral part of every deck since their inception. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have those cards. They won’t likely be in your deck until you move up the ladder.

We’ll be highlighting some of the best decks in the game, both for those who have all the cards, and for those who don’t. Rush Royale is in a solid spot with a few versatile decks that can be played at a high level.

We have some of the best variety in Rush Royale’s patch to date.

S+ Tier

  • Corsair, Executioner Harlequin Harlequin, Dryad Summoner with Jay
  • Corsair, Executioners Harlequin Summoner Sharp Shooter with Jay
  • Inquisitor. Portal Keeper. Knight Statue. Scrapper. Bombardier with Gadget.

S Tier

  • Inquisitor Knight Statue, Sharp Shooter Portal Keeper, Scrapper With Necromancer
  • Bruiser, Bombardier and Frost Mage. Chemist, Scrapper with Snowflake.
  • Priestess with Trickster, Mime, Harlequin Summoner, Shaman, and Harlequin.
  • Robot, Clock of Power with Harlequin, Harlequin and Mime.
  • Hunter, Knight Statue. Crystalmancer, Scrapper. Portal Keeper with Necromancer.
  • Blade Dancer, Knight Statue. Scrapper. Portal Keeper. Chemist with Gadget.
  • Boreas, Clock of Power with Trickster, Shaman, Harlequin and Mime.
  • Cultist with Gadget, Portal Keeper.
  • Robot, Knight Statue with Gadget, Corsairs, Harlequins, Scrapper, and Harlequins
  • Robot, Harlequins, Summoner and Mime, Clock of Power, Trickster.

A Tier

  • Meteor, Clock of Power. Mime, Harlequin. Summoner with Snowflake.
  • Engineer, Harlequins, Dryads, Chemists, Summoner with Gadget.
  • Robot, Shaman with Trickster, Harlequins, Mime, Summoner, Harlequin.
  • Stasis with Jay, Inquisitor and Harlequin. Summoner and Demonologist.
  • Pyrotechnics, Bombardier and Knight Statue, Crystalmancer and Scrapper, along with Trainer

B Tier (For Newer Players)

  • Jay is the Hero.
  • Engineer, Harlequins, Summoner. Dryad, Chemist. Gadget is the Hero.
  • Boreas, Harlequins, Summoner. Mime, Shaman. Trickster is the Hero.
  • Corsair, Executioner Harlequin Summoner, Summoner, Dryad with Gadget as the Hero
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