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The Best Co-Op Decks In Rush Royale To Earn Gold Quickly

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Playing the Co-Op mode is one of the best ways you can earn gold in Rush Royale. You will receive gold for every win, but the amount depends on how far you advance through the Co-Op mode waves. You can earn more than 9,000 gold per Coop match if you progress in the waves.

Before you dive into the best decks for Co-Op play, there are some important points to remember. First, Maximize Gold Per Hour. This is because you need to aim for waves 40 and 45. It’s not easy to get past these waves without some luck from your opponent. Let’s now dive in and see the best COOP decks for Rush Royale.

These are the best Co-Op decks to maximize gold in Rush Royale

Wave 40 or 45 is the best wave to reach if you want to increase your gold per hour. After you’ve gotten past the waves, it becomes more difficult. You should ask your opponent to build a deck that matches yours. This is a tricky task because there is no way to queue with friends, and can take longer. The decks below (or variations thereof) allow you to quickly acquire gold without relying on your teammate.

  • Harlequins, Zealots, Chemists, Bombardier, Chemists, Mana Cauldrons, Bombardier, or Cold Mage
  • Harlequins, Zealots, Grind Stones, Dryads, Bombardier, or Cold Mage
  • Knight Statue. Executioner. Zealot. Bombardier

Harlequin is a great card in the game, so it’s not surprising that it’s part of Co-Op decks. While you don’t see Zealot very often in PVP, it is an uncommon card that can be used in Co-Op. It is also a card many people own. Although the Zealot’s damage increases as you gain more mana, it has diminishing returns. The 10,000 mark is the sweet spot for mana. Because of its damage to bosses, mini-bosses, and bosses Executioner makes a solid card for your Co-Op deck. Bombardier or Cold Mage can be used to crowd control your minions and give you more time to do damage.

These are the best damage decks to use in Co-Op to grind wavelets

Co-Op mode will match you with other players who are within the same trophy range. You’ll see more people running support decks (which are highlighted below) and damage decks as you gain more trophies. Combining both of these will create the ideal duo for the mode, and sometimes even allow you to reach the maximum wave.

  • Demon Hunter with Jay

Playing the decks above with a support deck requires that you be very careful about how fast you drop your units. If your first card drops are 2 Demon Hunters and a Knight Statue then don’t drop more. Your Support Deck teammate should level up your cards before you lose more. It is important to get to the maximum Co-Op waves. The Demon Hunter card damages a portion of a boss’s health at max level (they have over 200M health). It is important to not get them to max before the waves start. Their attack speed will decrease significantly if they aren’t. Another important card to keep in your deck is the Bombardier. To move forward in waves, you will need to stun bosses and get them killed before activating an ability. Bombardier can help you accomplish this.

This is the best support deck available for Co-Op to grind wavelets

Support is about helping your teammates level up with Shaman. You won’t be able support effectively if you don’t have Shaman. Co-Op is different from PVP, where Shaman removes (or merges) your opponent’s card. Instead, Co-Op adds the merge to a random card on your teammate’s board.

  • Harlequins, Summoners, Mime. Mana Cauldron. Shaman With Frost

You can also add a damage card to help your teammate if you don’t own all the cards. If your teammate doesn’t have it, the Executioner card can be used. Your objective is to use Shaman as often as possible to level up your teammates cards. When playing support, there are some key points to remember. First, do not merge your Shaman’s immediately after you have them. You should keep your board open and get Mimes and Harlequins there. Then optimize to maximize the number of merges. Keep an eye on the board of your co-workers. It’s best not to use your Shamans if they have just lost a lot of cards. Allow them to combine their units and set up their best positions.

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