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[NEW] Pokémon Unbound: How to Download, Cheats, Features and more

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Pokemon Games is a popular GBA ROM. You might have already played Pokemon Theta Emerald Ex. If you’re looking for something different, I recommend Pokemon Unbound.

Skeli created Pokemon Unbound, a fan-made ROM hack. This GBA Rom is packed with many features, including the New Mission system and Max Raids. Many new pokemon, from Gen I to Gen VII and Gen VIII Mechanism.

Pokemon Unbound takes place in a fictional region called Borrius. It has a very different story with Hoopa Unbound being the main character and the mascot pokemon, Hoopa.

Pokemon Unbound Story

The Borrius region is where the story of Pokemon Unbound begins. Centuries ago, Borrius Region was at war with Kalos Region. The Borrius region’s inhabitants summoned a dark entity/force in order to win the war. Unfortunately, the King of Kalos unleashed his ultimate weapon.

The dark force was taken prisoner and sealed away after the war. However, many years later, The Shadows, an evil organization that seeks to control the world through dark forces, has attempted to free them from captivity.

As a Pokemon Trainer, you and your Pokemon friends must stop the evil gang from destroying Borrius. You will have the opportunity to pick your friend from three starters. The pokemon that you choose will assist you on your exciting journey.

Pokemon Unbound Features

  • A powerful engine: Pokemon Unbound has a custom battle engine that is comparable to Gen 8. It also includes many quality-of-life features that will improve your gameplay experience. You can catch all your favorite Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 7 while enjoying all your favorite moves and abilities from each generation.
  • Pokemon Unbound: A new mission system that offers over 75 missions.
  • Character customization: You can customize your character from more than 300+ skin tones, hair colors, and outfit colors!
  • Game Modes: You have the option to change your game difficulty between up to four difficulty levels, ranging from simple to difficult!
  • Daily Events There are many events in Borrius that can be enjoyed daily, while others can only be seen at certain times of the day.
  • Enjoy Exciting Mini-Games There are many exciting mini-games, such as Cloud burst and Safari sniper.
  • Challenge Puzzles: You can use your brain to solve many of the complex and unique puzzles found all across Borrius.
  • There are many other features and Legendary Pokemon that you can discover!

Download Pokemon Unbound

Pokemon unbound was developed by .. It is based on the Pokemon FireRed GBA video game. It was released for the first time on December 20, 2021. A new update has added many new features, including Pokemon.

The Pokemon Unbound Latest Version (V2.0.3.1), GBA Rom hack can be downloaded here ( Click here to download).

Pokemon Unbound Cheats

These cheat codes can be used to obtain rare candies and the legendary Eternatus.

Rare Candies (06AB3172BE88C550) or (82003884 0044)

This cheat code can be used to get unlimited Rare Candies at your Pokemart.

Unlimited Master balls: (B9A1AACB or D6F4419A or ( 82003884 0001a )

This cheat code can be used to get unlimited Master Balls by going to the nearest Pokemart.

Unlimited money:

For Game Shark
29C78059 96542194

For Code Breaker
820257BC 423F
820257BE 000F

This cheat will allow you to earn unlimited money in Pokemon Unbound

Note – Make sure you deactivate cheats, if they are not being used to avoid any glitches.

This video contains more cheat codes:

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