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One Piece 1029 Review: Tower of Gray

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This chapter is a great one. This is the second half of the chapter. It’s a continuation of the Sanji-vs.-Queen fight. The revelation that Sanji is a’modified person’ or cyborg or enhanced human or whatever translation you prefer is revealed. Queen continues to mock Sanji, talking about Judge’s plan to create super-soldiers who are ice-hearted. Sanji is just totally freaked out. He wonders if he will be like his three jackass brothers and then he runs away from Queen and his Dr. Octopus robot-tentacles. Queen wants to see Germa’s power, and Sanji is in a bit more of an existential crisis. It was a cool scene to see him get shot in the head, but it did not cause any damage.

And… It’s something I can kind of understand. It’s true! I would think anyone in Sanji’s shoes would feel the exact same. Sanji would be terrified of someone with such hatred towards his family. Someone who was proud in his humanity, his love for his friends and his care for others. Let’s just say Zoro is ripping up Kaidou & King and Sanji has been running from fights. While I don’t care much about the rivalry between Zoro/Sanji fandoms I do trust One Piece‘s authors to pay us a check, that payout must be amazing.

This chapter, which is all about payoffs, wraps up Killer/Hawkins’ fight. But, we also see Kid being brutalized by Big Mom in Onigashima, where they are fighting. Nobody on the battlefield knows why Kid is suddenly suffering from a migraine. Law, being the good doctor that he truly is, teleports to Big Mom and counter shocks him. There are many fun attacks and Big Mom seems unstoppable. She burns Law with ‘Stolen fire’ and beats Kid with an electrified sword attack called “Mama-raid”. This pun is on “marmalade”! I get it!

We actually see Kid’s inner monologue, and I believe Sanji may go through a longer version in future chapters. Kid has been quite unimpressive throughout this arc. He actually thinks about how his entire life would be a joke if he was to die there like a bitch.

Instead of killingKid as a pragmatic person Hawkins tortures Killer. He bangs his head against the wall to give Kid migraines, mocks Killer’s devil fruits, and… Killer feels desperate. He begs and pleads for Hawkins not to continue. In exchange, he offers his life. The extra panel with the Kid Pirates shows the rest of them looking confused that their second-in command is doing this. They don’t really matter in the grand scheme, but these panels remind us that Law and Kid have separate pirate crews and nukama and units of close friends in background.

Hawkins rants about how pirates like themselves are no match for the Yonkou’s might, and that it’s better to surrender to Kaidou. But Killer quickly sees through Hawkins’ bullshit and points out that Kaidou clearly regrets his blind obedience to him because of his prophecies regarding doom. Kid and Killer remain standing.

Killer then asks Hawkins what to do with all the voodoo doll damage? Killer immediately goes for Hawkins’ left hand, amputating it with success while only mildly inconvenienced Kid.

Kid’s strawman soul’soul’ can be found in the detached arm. Hawkins uses the Wara-Wara no Mi powers to do his tarot readings, but Hawkins also resorts to these other powers. It is always fascinating to see Hawkins’ abilities like this — fortune-telling and summoning a Stand-esque power — something we rarely see. Hawkins, however, is able to explain what the card means. Hawkins draws the “Death” card standing up, claiming that it allows Killer to end his life… but Killer can easily decapitate Strawman.

Hawkins is unable to comprehend the meaning of the next card, ‘the Tower,’ so Killer cuts two huge “Spin & Sonic” slices across Hawkins chest before finally taking him down. Kid is seen standing up in Onigashima. I believe he has guessed what was going on. The Tower refers to either the ‘collapse of the old and fragile’ or the ‘new way forward’.

Wikipedia tells me the Tower could refer to ‘danger and crisis, sudden change and destruction, higher education and liberation’. Another source states that it can also mean’misery, distress, indigence and adversity’. It is a card that can indicate an unforeseen disaster. However, I am not qualified to discuss the symbology behind Tarot cards.

This chapter is amazing. It’s hard to find any new information on Killer other than reaffirming Kid’s loyalty. Heck, even Hawkins’ defeat is more or less the same as what the fandom deduced about the fight a few chapters back. It was done quite well. Hawkins mocking Killer and Kid’s monologues were great. The two great action shots of Killer slicing Hawkins are great. Having never really cared for Killer (or Kid, if we’re being completely honest), it was actually quite amazing to see how this chapter made me realize that Killer beating Hawkins to protect his captain. It’s pretty fun stuff.

And… And… We’ll wrap up the second fight, which is becoming less and less common. Perhaps one of the Zoro/King, or Sanji/Queen bouts? There is still Big Mom/Kid/Law and Orochi to deal with. Raizou/Fukurokuju is another thing that hasn’t been resolved. EDIT: Apoo and Drake! However, I wonder if Drake will be able to wait for the arrival of the World Government ships before making a big decision.

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