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One Piece 1028 Review: Dinosaurs Don’t Work Like That

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Sometimes, I wonder how much it’s fun to be with Eiichiro Oda in the same place when he comes up with weird things like this. This chapter is really entertaining! The first two pages are devoted to CP0. Lucci speaks with the unnamed CP0 guys from Wano about a plan of action in case Kaido loses. Although it may seem like a secondary priority compared with everything else, they are aware that a second dragon is roaming around. It’s only a matter time before they make the connection to Vegapunks artificial Devil Fruit.

We’re also getting the One-Pieceworld for gunboat diplomacy. This is where the World Government’s fleet will be heading to Wano to place it under its direct control. Many people see parallels between Wano’s history and the Sakoku Edict from 1635. This leads to speculation that Blackbeard or the Marines will play the role of the USA in using force to open Wano up to the rest the world. However, this is not their way of thinking. This is more than just Kaidou’s defeat in combat.

Oh, and Lucci would like CP0 bring back Nico Robin because they absolutely do. Robin is back on her feet, Brook is with Robin, and… I’m not sure. This is Brook’s big moment. Because Enies’ Lobby Redux is not going to happen, even though there have been many parallels between the pre-timeskip stories and the post-timeskip ones.

Yamato leaves Momonosuke alone to deal with the flame cloud, as she wants to defuse the bombs at Onigashima. There is not much else to add, except that we see Yamato in his beast mode.

This chapter’s main section is the best. Sanji’s fight against Queen. We begin with some basic stuff. Queen continues with her Brachiopun attacks (which, I must admit, don’t translate easily into English). These two characters have very basic skills. Lasers, Diable Jambe attack, sword attacks… Queen wants Sanji to wear the Germa66 Raid Suit. He wants to see Judge’s technology.

Then we have this, Queen calls “the true power the ancient dinosaurs had”

I challenge you to claim that you didn’t have to double-take what the fuck is doing here. This makes helicopter Triceratops Sasaki look boring in comparison. This renders Kaku, the pasta machine giraffe, pedestrian. Queen manages to seperate the entire dinosaur spine of Sanji from neck to tail, thanks to cybernetic enhancements.

This is how absurd it all is. See the reactions from everyone! Take a look at Marco and Izo. They traveled the globe with Whitebeard and saw such absurdity before.

Queen’s “Brachiocoilus” attack causes Sanji’s entire body to be crushed by his snake-body. This is a trick that apparently many masters in Armament Haki have attempted. And then… we get probably another comedic highlight in this fight, with Queen talking about how he has equipped his ‘otherwise useless’ brachio-body with brachio-launchers, which are triggered when he says the words ‘brachio-launchers’… which means that his body missile-shoots Queen’s head twice in quick succession.

This manga is so stupid, God help me.

The final two pages are where the big reveal happens. Sanji’s bones have been broken and bent at terrifying angles. But he just flexes, and everything snaps back into position. Queen then swings a sword at Sanji, and the blade shatters. Sanji tells us his personal worst-case scenario. His latent “modified human” genes, lineage factor or any other term that this setting substitutes for DNA have finally activated. He’s now getting one of the most powerful power-ups we’re seeing.

You know what? The Brachiosnakeus are beyond ridiculous. There were so many revelations about Sanji’s modified Kamen Riderbody and Yamato’s wolf form. This manga is as ridiculous as it gets, God bless.

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