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One Piece 1007-1009 Review: The Not-Return of Kozuki Oden

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We take a break from our regular MCU movie reviews and talk about One Piece.

It feels like forever since my last post about One Piece! There was a gap between chapters so I decided to start over reading the manga again! You should also watch the anime! You can also see the Wano arc. ManThe animation’s glow-up after more than a decade is quite amazing, huh? The Wano arc is a masterpiece in anime. When the Dressrosa arc ended, I tried to watch the anime again but didn’t really care enough to continue. I only saw the big action highlights and that was it. The same thing happened during Whole Cake Island. Wano? Its fancy art style and excessive zoom-ins during action scene scenes? One of my biggest complaints about the Wano arcs in the manga is that they dump so many characters at once. This makes it a lot easier for the audience to follow the anime. Having the Page One and Hawkins fights actually displayed beyond two pages is something I love.

The three newest chapters are now! They are the latest chapters! This is what makes reading manga weekly so much fun — it’s watching each and every cliffhanger drive people insane. Wonder how speculation was back then in the early days when the internet was just starting to be developed during times like Sabaody or Marineford?

Chapter 1007: Mr. Tanuki
One, the big cliffhanger about Hyogoro dying in 1006 is one that I didn’t believe. It’s because this was already Chopper’s big moment and that he will be able make a cure. Chopper wins the cure, but loses one of his major secondary characters? It would feel like a terrible gut-punch. Chopper comes up with the Chopper Phage Nebulizer, a huge chemical bomb with the same shape as Chopper’s head. That’s cute! It takes about half a chapter to get there. We also get a cool speech about Chopper using a good’ virus to combat the ‘bad. Although I don’t know how current Oda intended the entire ice oni virus to be, it is certain! This is honestly how it was. However, they surereally took this chapter for half of the chapter.

Queen does something stupid and rants about how useless and stupid everyone is. The Smilers and Waiters, in turn, are basically dead weight. Although it is not going to change the tide in any meaningful manner, having a bunch fodder characters doesn’t seem to be a big deal. However, it is a nice moment when the random Beast Pirate goons and samurais believed in the pirate-doctor.

Chopper then goes into monster point, and just slaps the fuck out of Queen. Chopper, it’s a helluva! This is a partial two-page spread with Chopper’s angry, “I’m no raccoon dog!” Chopper yelling, having been misunderstood for a Tanuki for almost a decade. The little group of people raising their hands and saying “oh… sorry” is my favorite part of the panel. This includes Hyogoro, the random goons and Marco and Drake. Fun!

Three scenes seem to be unrelated close this chapter. Momonosuke transforms into a dragon and laments his cowardice (which leads to 1008). CP-0 talks about Kaidou’s ‘failure to clone his still-unnamed fruit via the DNA bloodline element. Finally, the Scabbards wake up to find Kozuki Oden alive.

It’s likely that there is information about Momonosuke’s fruit consumption that will be very relevant to fighting Kaidou. The Oden cliffhanger… Well, we all know who “Oden” is since we are covering the next two chapters. Let’s get on to the next one.

Chapter 1008: Atayama Thieves Brigade, Ashura Doji
It turns out that Oden is just Kanjurou’s painting. Only Ashura Doji, Raizou and Raizou realize that this is not Oden. Although I don’t believe that this is Oden, I am happy we chose the best option. There are many other theories. One is Onimaru. What happened to the little fox? There are many other theories that could be considered: a ghost (all right), a time-delayed message hologram message with a fantasy layer, Catarina Devi, Yamato or Hiyori seeing them asOden due to some will-of Oden stuff.

It’s Kanjurou using Oden’s painting to put everyone at ease and twist the knife a little more. After the shockingdeath flashback, it would be a disaster to have Oden alive again. It would also undermine the entire manga’s ten-to fifteen chapters, and the message that Oden’s story of’my death’ (which I believe is something that I will accept if my will are carried by others) that Oden’s story forces upon us. Narratively Oden’s story has been told, and Kanjurou, Orochi, and Orochi return in this chapter.

It’s true. However, it doesn’t stop Kin’emon from believing that Oden isOden. Ashura Doji is the one who charges in and proves that the Oden is a painting. Ashura Doji, I believe, is the least interesting and least developed Scabbard. However, his Act 2 scene was a display of the huge graveyard of people who couldn’t wait for 20 more years and went off to fight Kaidou. He will be more realistic and cynical about the situation, as he accepts that their master has died.

Under his kimono, the fake Oden is carrying a lot of dynamite. Ashura Doji accuses Kanjurou, and they explode outside the building. We don’t see a corpse, and this chapter only shows two characters returning after ambiguous deaths. I believe we will get a Pell situation from Ashura Doji. Ashura Doji, if we have to kill one of the Scabbards then it’s probably the one that you can leave behind without feeling too sad.

It also addresses another aspect of the arc, which I was not a fan of — Kanjurou’s apparent death. Kanjurou was handled largely off-screen. The confrontation begins, and we then cut to Kiku holding a blood-stained katana above Kanjurou’s corpse. It is a tragic death for Kanjurou, both meta and thematically. From a narrative writing perspective, Kanjurou has been a long-standing supporting character since Dressrosa almost four years ago. But he didn’t get a satisfying narrative reward. Yes, I’m all for Kanjurou being a jackass who mocks everyone is a good thing.

Kanjurou sets out to kill Momonosuke. The eight Scabbards that remain go on the hunt for him. Jack stands in their way and Inuarashi (alone?) Keep him away. The little pissing competition between them “No moons here Mink” is a great one. “Yeah. No poison gas here, Jackass.” Also, it’s kinda random in one panel. Orochi is still alive and hanging out with Fukurokuju. He’s also setting fire to the castle. I don’t believe Kaidou will be bothered that you set fire to a few rooms. Another Momonosuke scene is shown. He appears to have an ultra Observation Haki. Or is it the Voice of All Things. Are they the same thing? He can see Luffy’s state. The last page shows the battle on top, with Luffy becoming Leeroy Jenkins and being batted around easily. The other characters try to devise a plan to seperate the Yonko. We also see Kaidou in his hybrid form. It’s pretty much what we expected. It looks a lot more cool in 1009, both in action and in profile shots. It’s not something that blows me away, but it’s an interesting form.

Chapter 1009: Hell
The opening scene shows Orochi meeting the Scabbards — and it’s one of the reasons I believe Orochi is still alive. Orochi transforms into an orochi form and the Scabbards then behead every head. I don’t know if this is the right thing for him. Maybe it’s a thing that requires you to remove all eight heads simultaneously. We only have seven Scabbards (Kin’emon Denjiro Kawamatsu Nekomamushi Raizou Kiku, Izo, Raizou and Raizou). It’s not clear who would be most effective to kill Orochi. Hiyori would be the one to do it, since Wano’s first act really builds it up… but the Scabbards still get some catharsis from it in this chapter.

Raizou fights Fukurokuju while the other Scabbards leave. This is probably what’s happening. Each Scabbard remains behind to fight one of the warriors on their way to Momonosuke. We are already down Inuarashi, Raizou and Ashura Doji. I’m not sure who else is left to fight, though, unless some of the Scabbards will get in the way of the Straw-Hats-vs-Tobi-Roppo battles.

The rooftop battle is the last half of the chapter. In one of my favorite writing moves, Law explains why he doesn’t just Room Shamble the Yonko. Swap their limbs, attach them to rocks or something else, and let their hearts rip. It turns out that Law’s powers don’t have the ability to affect people with too strong a Haki. Or is that just a limitation on the Ope Ope no Mi? AllDevil Fruit abilities that affect other people? It reminds me of the scene in Bleach where Soi Fon uses Suzumebachi to attack Aizen, but it’s ineffective due to the ‘gulf of reiatsu’. I’m not sure what to think about this. Narratively, it is necessary because Law doesn’t want to end the fight in two panels. But One Piecefights are the most enjoyable because it’s more about power application than it is about who has more chi.

Kaidou and Big Mom perform a combination blow called “Ocean Sovereignty” that is quite impressive, but Zoro blocks the move. This arc is good for you Zoro. Zoro is still alive, even if he’s quivering on the ground… but honestly, I think he’ll still get into the fight anyway. Luffy continues to fight Kaidou, and I love the shit-eating smile Luffy gives Kaidou when he mocks Kaidou’s Red Hawk — “are you afraid it’ll hurt?” Kaidou is a wild man, throwing fire bombs out of his mouth, and unleashing a huge swing down on Luffy’s club called Ragnarok.

While all this is happening, the Supernovas attack Big Mom. They basically do the same thing as Nami, Brook, and the others near the end. Kid makes a shock-proof cell, and Law teleports Zeus to the metal box. Zoro simply slices Prometheus’ shit out of him over and again (he can cut fire, remember?). while Killer bullies Napoleon. Big Mom is still quite strong and pounds Kid into the ground. But Kid gets close enough to wrap her in metal to repel her away. Law then launches a huge boulder to push her over Onigashima without Prometheus and Zeus.

I don’t believe this is how Big Mama is taken out. But if it were, It was a great scene. It’s a pretty cool scene. Kaidou and her children can save her (they are still on the candy ship somewhere after Marco dropped them). I would not be mad either. Both are pretty cool.

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