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Mythic Manor Cheats Codes, Passwords, Unlocks and Secrets

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Mythic Manor Money Cheat Codes

Receive Cheat Codes to Get Free Money or Tokens

  • mythmoney – Get $1000
  • mythmazuma – gives you $10,000
  • mythmoola – Increase your wealth to $999,999
  • boobtokens gives you 100,000 MasturChat tokens

Mythic Manor Cheat Codes Stats & Skill

These cheat codes will help you increase your skills.

  • Hiresearch– Maximize your research skills (once unlocked).
  • Masterbaiter– Maximizes your fishing skills
  • Hardworking– Maximize your article writing pay raise
  • profapper – Increases your p*rn to 100,000
  • swoleaf– Maximizes your strength skill (50). [v0.11+]

Mythic Manor Cheat Codes Unlock & More

  • seenscenes– Unlocks all Gallery Scenes
  • 7days – Adds seven days to your calendar
  • usernamechange – Changes your username on MasturChat
  • ezjade – Jade’s donations are now $1200. It also removes some donating restrictions
  • glowup makes Magic Lake glow at Night
  • nopill makes it so that Jessa doesn’t impregnate her (except in her story event).
  • fixpill reverts to the “nopill code.” Jessa will again infuse her
  • nomilk – If Jessa becomes pregnant, she will immediately become not pregnant

Require V0.11 or More

  • gone– Prevents girls from randomly inviting them to do things. To undo the code, enter it again
  • loomorn lets you pick which girl will go to the bathroom first thing in the morning
  • loonight lets you pick which girl will go to the bathroom at night
  • poolmorn – You can choose which girl will be at the pool that morning
  • poolnight – You can choose which girl will swim in the pool that night

Require V0.13 or More

  • freeseren – This allows you to continue with Seren’s storyline even if you have not done so before

Mythic Manor Cheat Codes Public

Enjoy this cheat code!

  • namechange – changes your name

Mythic Manor Password

You will need 3 passwords:

  • Esther’s Locked Laptop/PC Folder Password Code (lvl24): Get the paper. Password = 47carnations
  • Fanora’s Code or Password for her Cell Phone (lvl20 in her room): “monstercock”.
  • Naira’s locked mailbox Password or Code: “naira+yourname”/”naira+mc (diary entry 473)
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