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Licorice Cookie Toppings Build – Cookie Run Kingdom

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Licorice is an Epic Cookie that you can add to your Cookie Run Kingdom team. Licorice is also one of the most important Cookies to build and prioritize before you look for Legendary Cookies to add to your team. What are the best toppings to make Licorice shine so that you get the most from him? Let’s have a look.

Licorice Cookie – Cookie Run Kingdom

Although Licorice is a Magic Cookie, he is so much more. Because of his strong kit, Licorice can be considered a Tank or a Buffer.

Licorice Cookies Skill Info

Summon black lightning and Licorice servants. This potent spell temporarily increases the party’s defense.

  • Single hit damage: 416.1%
  • Summons Licorice Servers with 5% attack and 150% defense, and 50% health
  • +20% Defense for 7 Seconds

Best Licorice Cookie Toppings

We recommend that you get a complete cooldown set when deciding what toppings to invest in for Licorice. You will be able to cast your spell more often and deal more damage due to the higher cooldown percentage. It will also give you more time with the minions that spawn, and the defense buff will be a nice bonus.

  • 5x Swift Chocolate Topping

This is how cooldown percentage works. Cooldown percentage is the number of spells you can cast in a given time. The higher your cooldown percentage, the shorter your spell casting timer will be. Your team can do more damage and tankiness if you have more spells to cast. Swift Chocolate Toppings make Licorice Cookie the most powerful toppings.

How to make Licorice Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

You’ll need luck if you don’t have Licorice but want to include him in your team. You’ll need to complete the Gacha in order to unlock Licorice. There’s a 0.05% chance that you will unlock him. Each pull in the Gacha costs 300 Crystals. These can be purchased or earned by playing the game. Unfortunately, it all depends on the luck of each draw. Good luck! Good luck!

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