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Lenovo Expands ThinkSmart Office Offerings Ahead Of CES 2020

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Lenovo is expanding its smart office offerings in the lead-up to CES 2020 with a full suite of ThinkSmart-branded solutions to make workplace communication easier. The biggest of the new announcements is likely the introduction of Lenovo ThinkSmart View. Lenovo designed the brand new product to bring conference-room communications and interaction to an individual level — tying in with other Lenovo and Microsoft Teams solutions.

Lenovo also introduced a new solution dubbed ThinkSmart Hub 700, iterating on its conference room lineup to suit large-scale communications. That’s in addition to the introduction of Zoom Rooms bundle kits to serve as scaleable solutions for small, medium or large meeting spaces.

Although Lenovo hasn’t provided specific details, at least some of those solutions also integrate with ThinkSmart Manager. Intended to bring the solutions together, the Manager serves as a central control point for the standalone devices for IT departments.

Lenovo designed ThinkSmart View to make office communications easier with privacy built-in

As noted above, this year’s announcements from Lenovo for businesses kick off with the Lenovo ThinkSmart View. The device closely resembles Lenovo’s Smart Display but with its speakers offset to the side rather than below its touchscreen. It is also tailor-made to deliver less distracting, more productive business communications and has a deep focus on security, privacy, and business integration.

Lenovo ships ThinkSmart View with an 8-inch touchscreen, set next to a full range speaker with two passive radiators. A built-in camera, and dual mics are part of the build too. Lenovo is equipping the camera with a privacy shutter and the mics can be readily muted at the flip of a switch. Bluetooth allows for a more distraction-free workplace via pairing with headsets, whether in a large open office or at home.

More importantly, the gadget integrates with Microsoft Teams. That means the Google Assistant-enabled device is ready to connect to a PC and the cloud. That means that the device is fully integrated in the workplace. But it also enables primary communications to be more traditionally separated, freeing up the PC and monitor for work to be done.

ThinkSmart Hub 700

Details on the new Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 700 are slimmer. The company says that the latest entry serves as a turnkey solution for larger conference spaces. It packs in a moveable display for touch-based control and single-touch meeting starts. That integration also makes content sharing possible via that display panel and integration with Microsoft Teams.

Moreover, the newest entry in the ThinkSmart Hub line packs in Dolby Audio via four speakers. That’s matched by four 360-degree microphone arrays for easier command of the audio space in larger areas with more participangs.


Specifications for the new ThinkSmart View, ThinkPad X1 ANC Bluetooth headset, and other gadgets haven’t been provided. However, Lenovo has presented some deeper details about its Smart Tab M10 FHD Plus, set to be bundled with ThinkSmart kits and central to the design of the ThinkSmart View. That gadget is detailed below for those looking for deeper specs.

Display 8-inch (1280×800), IPS, Multi-touch
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 624 (APQ8053)
Storage 8GB eMMC
Cameras 5-megapixel wide-angle w/ Privacy Shutter
Sensors Light Sensor, G Sensor, Proximity Sensor
Audio 1.75″ 10 Watt full-range speaker w/ 2 passive radiators
Dual microphone array w/ Mic Mute
Dimensions 142.21 x 263.21 x 125–111.36mm
5.60 x 10.36 x 4.92–4.38 in
Weight 1kg/2.2lbs
Networking WiFi: 802.11ac (2×2), Bluetooth BLE 4.2
Colors Black

Pricing and availability

Lenovo ThinkSmart View is currently expected to become available this month, as per this pre-CES 2020 announcement. It will start out at $349 or buyers can pick it up bundled with a ThinkPad X1 ANC Bluetooth headset for $100 more.

Lenovo expects ThinkSmart Hub 700 to be available in the same timeframe with pricing unspecified but available on request. ThinkSmart Tiny kits and ThinkSmart Manager are available now, following a similar path in terms of the pricing. The former is available via Maverick AV Solutions in the US, Canada and select European and Asian countries. ThinkSmart manager is available from Lenovo with a year’s subscription included on select purchases.

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