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Is Discount Direct Legit Let Us Read The Review!

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This article will help you to understand whether Discount Direct is legitimate or not?, a retailer that sells furniture.

Do you want to learn more about Discount Direct stores. This blog article will help you.

People are now looking for unique furniture to enhance their homes. The furniture in Discount Direct’s online store has been designed with size, storage space and appearance in mind.

According to some reports, United States customers are keen to learn more about this online retailer.

But, Is Discount Direct Legit?

Is Discount Direct A Scam?

Scammers are everywhere today, and you can find them all over the internet to accomplish their fraudulent goals. We’ve summarized the facts about the Discount Direct store.

  • Date of creation of domain name for online store – This domain name has been in existence since 11/01/2019.
  • The expiration of the domain name for the online store – the domain name will expire on 11 January 2023.
  • Social media connections. The site has a strong presence on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.
  • Customer comments – At the moment we have found shoppers’ Direct Reviews on our official site.
  • Alexa rank – The Alexa ranking for all internet traffic websites worldwide is 1286095.
  • Trust Index Score: The website’s trust score exceeds the 88% average score.
  • Trust rank : This website has a trust score of 63.5/100.
  • Content quality- We have only seen a small amount of content on the site. This is the reason the quality is low.
  • Originality – All contact information is on the site.
  • Owner’s Information – There is no owner’s information on this site.
  • No other offers or discounts available.

Although the above data indicates that the site is legitimate, it is recommended that you read the rest of the Is DiscountDirect article.

What’s Discount Direct?

Discount Direct is an online store that sells furniture at a low price.

The website also sells seal chairs, sofa and ottomans nightstands dressing tables vanities with eating tables, barstools, and vanities with tables.

To place an order via this online store, please make sure to follow the Discount Direct Legal article up until the closing date.

Specifications for Discount Direct

  • Website’s homepage link-
  • Domain creation date-11/01/2019
  • Furniture for your home and mattresses
  • Email address-
  • Contact number: Contact number:
  • Company Address: 22640 68th Ave. S Kent, WA 98032
  • Transportation cost: $59
  • The shipping time is not specified.
  • Return of Purchase in 7 Days
  • Refund policy within 7-10 Working Days
  • Payment methods- Recall during check out
  • Social media icons- available

For more information about the quality of the product or services offered by the site, please see the comments left below by a customer in this Is discount Direct a valid article.

Get the best of both worlds when you place your order through Discount Direct

  • It’s SSL Secure.
  • This site offers a wide range of unique furniture.
  • All contact information is available.
  • Physical stores can be found in many locations.
  • It is active in social media accounts.
  • It allows returns.

Drawbacks of placing an order using Discount Direct

  • Trustpilot does not have customer reviews.
  • The user interface of is not well-designed.
  • The About Us page of the website is not an important source of information.

What is the shopper discount? Direct Review

Customers’ comments and testimonials are also available on the official website . Many customers have questions about the location of Discount Direct’s store, while others express appreciation for the experience they had at the Discount Direct store.

Have you lost your PayPal money? This article will help you.

Final Verdict

This article is a conclusion. While we think that Discount Direct may be worth looking into, we recommend everyone conduct their own research before purchasing any items from the site. We have not received reviews from outside sources nor review portals for the Discount Direct store, even after two years.

Check if you have been a victim of fraud on this website or another site using a credit card debit.

Let us know your thoughts about the selection of this online shop. Is Discount Direct Legit? post.

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