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Installing Navi-X add-on Kodi v4: Movie, TV, Live playlists

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Navi-X Kodi is one of the most popular playlist add-ons. Version #4 makes it even better. Continue reading for more information.

Before the playlist Kodi filled add-ons, users, the presence film – TV and live-links within a list (or a Spotify playlist), NaviX add-on Kodi, was the original site that provided this content. Share left with your friends and create your own playlist.

You can find the notes for the latest version #4 of Navi-X Kodi addon. It has improvements, source code, caching, support improvements, and the large number of users access to it.

was experiencing difficulties due to our rapidly-growing userbase on our servers. This was for months because of the lack of caching, aging of nature of the addon source code. With this update, we now have a much more reliable service.

We are grateful to all who have supported us over the past ten years.

Playlist Creator: You are invited to update your playlists via our website It is now easier than ever.

Below is our installation guide for Navi-X Code. We also have some tips and tricks to help you navigate the add-on.

Navi-X Kodi Addon Installation Guide

ON Kodi:

Learn how to install split TV Building on Kodi17 Krypton (also works with Amazon Fire TV sticks).

  1. Navigate to SYSTEM from the main menu Kodi ->> File Manager – > Add Source
  2. Type the following EXACTLY and select Made
  3. Enter a name for the media source in the box below. For example, ” Fusion“. Click OK
  4. Return to your home screen
    1. ON Kodi 17 Krypton: Choose Add-ons > Add-on-Browser
    2. ON Kodi 16 and older: Select SYSTEM > Additional
  5. Choose Install from zip file – > “Fusion” > xbmc-repos > English – > and wait, to the add-on enabled notification
  6. Select I Allation Repository – > VinMan Addon repository – > Video-Addons > NaviX > To install
  7. Waiting Add-on enables notification

Here’s how to navigate the add-on if you have just started it.

  • To access playlists, click on “NaviX” “Start Here”. You can also access past playlists that you have called, or your favourite from, by clicking on the menu bar.
  • Here are some options that may be of interest to you in the next window:
    • Search – Search for a particular title using the Navi-X Kodi addon or other sources
    • Website Scraper – View videos taken from the most popular and common websites on the internet.
    • Users Lists – Playlists view-upload from users Warning: This entry can be messy.
    • Most viewed (24 hour/7 day) – The most listened to playlists. We recommend that all new users start by clicking here.
  • TIP: When you click on a hyperlink, the bottom of any add-on will tell you which link it attempts to load. It can take some time to load the add-on.

Learn how to set up film zone Kodi addon version 17.6

Search Happy! If you need help, let us know via Facebook or Twitter!

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