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How To Watch A Replay In League of Legends (LoL)

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Riot Games finally added replays for League of Legends Season 7, after many years of waiting. It has been an integral part of every player’s improvement process since then. To not fall behind the competition but to beat it and become the best, you will need to watch replays from other players. This guide will show you how to view replays in LoL.

Why is League of Legends replay important?

There are many things you can do, no matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced player. LoL is not an easy game to master. It can also lead you into a vicious cycle where you procrastinate. You won’t necessarily be a better player if you play many games. Most of the time we play the game on autopilot. Habits don’t change between games. If you have bad habits, they will stay bad.

You might be able to spot problems in your own or another’s game. You might also learn new tricks or combinations that can help you achieve higher MMR faster than you normally would.

How do I download replays?

To view a replay you must first download it. There are two options. You could first download it from the post-game lobby, as shown in the image below. After the download is complete, you can play it by clicking the same button.

The second option is now available. You can view your Match History to access any of your past games. Just download the game from the client and you can play it right away, just like in the first step. You can also download replays from other players this way. Replays are not accessible after a new patch is released. You can’t view replays from players who aren’t playing on the same server you are.

Are LoL replays still available?

Standard option is the default for League of Legends. Your Replay folder will be found in Documents if you choose this option. This should be the result:

/Documents/League of Legends/Replays

Highlights are stored in the same folder LoL, but in the subfolder Highlights.

You can choose to have League save replays or highlights from your client. Navigate to the “Replays Tab” in the settings and select your preferred location.

Why can’t a replay be opened?

Your League of Legends replays may not be working for a variety of reasons. First, check to see if replays have expired since the patch was released. This is the most common problem with replays. You might also have an issue with the file not downloading correctly. You can delete the file from the Replay folder, and then download it again.

Match History only stores the last 20 games. Your replays will be deleted after that. You can still access them by recording them with third-party software like OBS. You can also make a highlight of a game or pentakill using the Record tool.

How to view replays from other servers

You will need to go extra steps if you wish to view replays from another player on the same server. It is easiest to visit a website that offers such information, such as LeagueOfGraphs. Simply go to the profile of the desired summoner and click on replay below. If you don’t see a replay, it is likely that you are out of luck. To record future games, you can press the “Record” button in the upper right corner.

The second way is to create a new account on your new server. This can be a complex process and will require multiple email addresses. You also need to keep track all accounts. While it will work on most servers, there are some exceptions. You won’t be able create an account on a Korean server. Your only option is to view it through 3 third party websites.

What are highlights?

Highlights are short segments of the game you have recorded from League replays. These highlights can be accessed from your profile under the “Highlights” tab or their folder. You can share replays with your friends, unlike replays.

How do you record them?

To start, open the replay of your favorite game. Next, navigate to the exact moment you wish to record. Once you find it, click the red Record button or combination of keys CTRL + V. When you are done recording, you can stop the game by following the same procedure.

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