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How Do I Cancel My BT Sport Subscription?

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BT Sport is a service offered by BT Broadband and that provides extensive coverage of sports. You might want to cancel your BT Sports subscription for a variety of reasons. Coronavirus is the most common reason for cancelling your BT sports subscription. This virus has caused significant damage to sports.

We have provided a list of all possible cancellation options for BT Sport in this article. Before we get into the cancellation process, let’s first look at BT Sport.

About BT Sport

BT Sports, a collection of channels that are provided by BT customers and a division within BT group based here in Ireland and the United Kingdom, is a sub-division of BT Group. It was launched in August 2013. Its headquarters are in Here East Hackney, London, England. Gavin Patterson is the current CEO of BT Sport.

BT Sport is only available in England and Ireland. BT Sport has the rights to broadcast 52 Premier League matches live each season. It also provides live TV coverage for Australia’s home pitches and the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europe League. You can also watch certain magazines shows, such as Rugby Tonight.

How do I cancel my BT Sports subscription?

There are many ways to get a BT Sport membership.

If the customer already has BT Broadband, the only thing left to do is to add BT TV or Sport to the existing contract at PS15.00 per Month.

A customer can also add the ‘Big Sport” package to any broadband plan for PS40 per monthly. This would include all BT Sport channels and 11 Sky Sports channels via a NOWTV pass.

The customer can cancel their subscription at any time during the three-month trial period. However, it is not possible to request a 3-month trial period.

BT TV currently offers a free one-month subscription to BT Sport. Customers can cancel any service from BT Broadband online or over the phone if they wish to cancel BT Sports.

Cancel BT Sport through Website

Follow these steps to cancel your BT Sports subscription via the website. To avoid unwanted charges, cancel your subscription at least two days before the next billing period.

  • Log in to with your username and password.
  • Next, tap on the your Products’ option. Then, tap on the BT Sport.
  • Click on’Manage now under’Your BT Sport
  • After that, you can fill in your details to verify your account.
  • You can also cancel your subscription.

Cancel BT Sport by phone

You can cancel your subscription by phone. To cancel a BT Sports subscription, customers must call the customer service number given at the indicated times. Below are the numbers and times.

Customers can call BT from Monday through Friday from 8 to 9 pm, on Saturdays from 8 to 8 on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 to 6 pm.

These are the phone numbers:

  • If you are a local client, call 0800 783 1401
  • If you’re calling from overseas, please dial +44 179 359 66931. These numbers depend on where you live, whether it is local or international.

It is easiest to cancel your subscription by phone. For more information, call the service provider, chat with them or call the TV provider.

Cancel BT Sport via Plusnet

Plusnet is a service that allows people to purchase their BT Sports subscription. To cancel your subscription, you’ll need to go through a long process.

You can cancel your subscription by calling Plusnet at 0800 432 0200 0345 140 0200.

Cancel BT Sport for EE TV subscribers

If the customer uses EE TV, a notice will then be sent at the end of the subscription. Information will also be given about any additional charges that may be imposed after termination of subscription to view the channel on multiple devices. The following steps can be used to cancel BT Sport on EE TV:

  • Send a text message to the number 150 with “STOP SPORT”
  • The service will then ask the customer to either text STOP BIG SCREEN or STOPLARGE.

You can text either one of these options to cancel your BT Sports subscription for TV but not mobile access.

After the 3 month trial period, customers will have to continue paying for the service up to the next payment date.

After the 14-day window, cancel BT Sport

After you sign up for BT Sport, the agreement states that you must immediately start viewing content. After 14 days of subsidy, the subscription cannot be cancelled. You must give a 30-day notice before you cancel the subscription.

Customers might be required to use the service for a certain period of time. In this case, customers may have to pay a small fee to terminate the service early.

Cancellation fees and charges

The initial contracts for most BT services, including BT Sport, last one year, one-and-a-half years, or two months. An early termination fee of 82.5% is payable if the contract is not cancelled within the term.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pause my BT Sports subscription?

Here are the steps to pause your BT sports subscription

Not all services can be cancelled. It is necessary to have a flexible package, which costs a base monthly fee of PS5

  • Log in to the BT website
  • Click on Manages, then select “Your TV”.
  • You can edit or pause your subscription by entering your details.

Can I cancel BT Sport anytime?

You can cancel your subscription to BT Sport within 14 days of purchase. There will be charges if the subscription is cancelled after this time.

Can I cancel BT Sport with Sky?

You can cancel BT Sport on Sky by contacting Sky customer service.

Can I just cancel BT sport direct debit?

It can be cancelled. However, the cancellation process may take up to five working days.

Can I cancel BT sport after 1 month?

Yes. Log in to My BT and find the monthly (30 day) pass. Then, select the cancel subscription option. Keep checking until the 30-day expires.

What is the length of the BT Sports contract?

BT Sports contract is for 2 years

How do I get BT Sport free of charge?

Customers with EE phones can download the BT App, login and watch BT free of charge on their mobile devices. They can also cast on TV if they have an EE phone.

How can I get a refund form BT?

The payment method used to pay the refund will be used. If a person paid by debit card, the amount will be refunded to that debit card.

Contact Information for BT Sport

Phone Number 0800 783 1401
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