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Welcome to the Hades Wiki. This Wiki contains all the information you need to win the Hades game.

Hades, a rogue-like game of dungeon crawling, challenges the god of death as you cut and slash your path out of the Underworld. It combines all the best elements of our previous games: the action-packed Bastion and the rich atmosphere and depth that Transistor have, as well as the character-driven storytelling of Pire.

You will never have the same experience twice. Each time you play, the gods of Olympian gods will be combined with your own, and you’ll face many different challenges. Plus, you’ll discover more about the story through our award-winning audio and art. While you may not be playing for hours, but hundreds, you will still discover new characters and story events.

  • Characters
  • Items
    • Boons
    • Keepsakes
    • Artifacts

The Beginner’s Guide: Basics and Features

Tips and tricks

We have gathered all the advice we can for you. This should be helpful both in the beginning and the second half of the game. You have a lot to do in Hades. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

Updates and Patch Notes

The Update and Patch Notes section of the official IGN Wiki Guide to Hades for PC and Switch is now open. We’ll be breaking down all the details about the game’s updates as well as any accompanying patch notes.

Here are the most recent updates:

  • 1.0 Patch Notes
  • Nintendo Switch Quick Fix Notes (Sept. 28, 2018)
  • V1.36211 Patch notes (Oct. 2nd).
  • V1.36400 Patch Notes October 13

Aspects of Infernal Arms

Hades doesn’t hesitate to present you with many challenges and tough enemies in every corner of the Underworld. Infernal Arms is here to help you and make every escape attempt unique.

All Infernal Arms Aspects can be found in the list below, separated by each weapon.

  • Stygian Blade
  • Eternal Spear
  • Shield of Chaos
  • Heart-Seeking Bow
  • Malphon Twin Fists
  • Adamant Rail

Boons List

The Olympian Gods will be your primary aid in the Underworld. They will grant you spells and bonuses called Boons that can dramatically change your runs. Keep our list handy!

Hades Boons Liste

Bosses Guides

Hades will make you work in the underworld to find a way out. But, aside from your enemies, there are many bosses who will do whatever they can to stop you from reaching that goal.

All the boss guides are available below.

  • Megaera
  • Alecto
  • Tisiphone
  • Hydra
  • Theseus and Asterius
  • Hades

Guides on How to

Hades is about being more powerful in your fight against the underworld. There are many ways Zagreus can receive help to accomplish this task.

This is everything you need to know in order to get the most from your escape attempts.

  • How to use Ambrosia and Nectar
  • How to make Hades easier
  • How to Unlock All Infernal Arms
  • How to unlock all hidden aspects
  • How to Find Chaos Boons
  • How to find Duo Boons
  • How to find legendary boons

Achievements, Trophies and PC Requirements

Below are guides to help you keep track of your achievements and the minimum and recommended specifications for your computer.

  • Achievements and Trophies
  • Requirements for PC
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