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There’s An Incredibly Thorough 34-page Guide To Sex In D&D 5e

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Dungeon Master has a new meaning, right?

Okay, we have that out of the way. Let’s now take a look at 5e Guide to Sexuality — 34 pages of unofficial source material from D&D 5e. It covers everything, from pregnancy to foreplay, to actually doing the deed.

Although we don’t know how many D&D campaigns incorporate sex in their games, or how detailed, we are certain that DMs will find more information.

As with all things D&D you can alter or disregard any source material as the DM or table please — there is a reason for Rule 0.

It is important to remember that sex can be a sensitive topic for some. Before directing an adventure towards the bedroom, DMs as well as players should assess their comfort level by having open and honest communication with their table.

We won’t get into the details of the document (though you can peruse it for free if you’re so inclined), but we will say that the table of contents includes sections such as: Getting laid, Pregnancy and Sex Among Races, Sex Among Classes Fetishes Sexual Items, Sexual Magic and Sexual Monsters.

The author opens the document by saying that a character who wants to get laid in Dungeons and Dragons can use these systems to hook up, do the deed, then deal with the consequences. Although real-life was used to guide most of the rules, the main objective was fun and ease of use. D&D was not intended to be a Real Life Simulator, and the author is 100% convinced of this.

We were unable to find the source of the homebrew materials despite all our efforts. There are no credits in the document, though this could have been an intentional oversight.

We would love to know who is responsible for this work.

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