The Back of My iPhone Cracked – Now What? A Guide to Dealing with a Cracked iPhone Back

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If the back of your iPhone is broken, you’re not alone. This is one of the most common ways an iPhone can get broken. You can fix it in a few ways, but finding out what went wrong in the first place is essential.

The back of an iPhone can break in a few different ways. Most phones break when they are dropped. If you drop your phone on a hard surface, the force of the impact can break the back glass. Putting too much pressure on the back of an iPhone is another way it can break. This can happen if you sit on your phone or put it in your pocket with other things like keys. Because of the pressure, the glass can break.

If the back of your iPhone is broken, you can fix it in a few different ways. First, you should try to change the back glass yourself. It’s not always easy to do this, and you might need special tools. If you don’t feel confident doing it yourself, you can take it to a repair shop and have them do it. They will probably charge a fee, but it will be less than it would cost to buy a new phone.

You could also buy a case for your iPhone with a built-in screen protector. This will keep your phone from breaking if you drop it or press down on it too hard.

Assessing the Damage: Is it just the Back or something else too?

After cracking the back of your iPhone, it’s crucial to check whether other components got damaged too. Not only the screen but also internal parts could be affected. Scrutinize the phone to ensure that no other device elements got damaged.

In addition, if you see any cracks on the camera lens, check if the camera images are clear or blurry. If blurry, it is better to get a professional inspection done as soon as possible.

One thing to note is that even though there are no external issues, certain internal parts may still require repairs and only qualified technicians can thoroughly inspect and evaluate this.

According to a report by Bloomberg, independent repair shops now have access to official Apple parts and tools for performing iPhone repairs.

You don’t need to be a genius to fix a cracked iPhone back, just a YouTube tutorial and a can-do attitude.

DIY Solutions to Fix the Cracked iPhone Back

To fix your cracked iPhone back, you need to look for easy and pocket-friendly DIY solutions. In order to save yourself from an expensive replacement, the DIY solutions in this section with sub-sections “Using Clear Packing Tape or Duct Tape”, “Using a Screen Protector”, and “Using a Case or Cover” are worth trying.

Using Clear Packing Tape or Duct Tape

When your iPhone back is cracked, you can use everyday items like clear packing tape or duct tape to fix the damage. Here’s how:

  1. Clean the affected area with a microfiber cloth.
  2. Cut a piece of tape larger than the crack and place it over the damaged area.
  3. Smooth out any air bubbles that may have formed under the tape.
  4. Cut off any excess tape around the edges with a sharp knife or pair of scissors.
  5. Repeat this process using additional pieces of tape if necessary to fully cover the crack.

Did you know that using clear packing tape or duct tape is a temporary solution? It’s essential to get your iPhone repaired by an authorized technician as soon as possible.

In the past, Apple has not covered repairs for iPhone backs because they are not considered part of the “functional components.” However, in May 2021, Apple announced that repairing cracks on iPhone backs would be included under its same-day repair service.

If you’re using a screen protector on your cracked iPhone back, at least you have one thing that’s unbroken.

Using a Screen Protector

For those who are looking for an easy and affordable solution to fix their iPhone’s cracked back, using a protective screen might be the answer. This simple DIY approach can prevent further damage and help maintain the phone’s resale value.

Here is a six-step guide to using a screen protector:

  1. Clean your iPhone with a microfiber cloth
  2. Measure the dimensions of the back of your phone
  3. Cut the screen protector to match the measurements
  4. Remove any dirt or debris from the protector’s adhesive side
  5. Align and apply the protector onto your iPhone’s back
  6. Smooth out any bubbles or creases with a credit card

By following these steps, anyone can easily protect their iPhone from further damage caused by a cracked back. Moreover, using screen protectors could also reduce scratches and minor wear on your phone.

While there are numerous options available in smartphone protection, choosing to use a screen protector is one of the simplest and most effective solutions for protecting your device on occasions when you drop it accidentally.

Interestingly enough, before Apple products became as popular as they are today, screen protectors were used solely for electronic devices such as calculators or PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). It was incredibly difficult to find one that fits both precision computer screens like Casio watches and everyday gadgets like Nokia phones at that time. However, as technology developed and smartphones gained popularity, companies have also expanded their product lines with screen protectors particularly tailored for them.

If you’re looking for a way to hide your shamefully cracked iPhone back, using a case is like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound…but it’ll do.

Using a Case or Cover

The easiest way to fix a damaged iPhone back is by Using a Protective Coating. Go for a case or cover that fits your design and provides an optimal level of protection. Here are some things you can keep in mind:

  • Choose a quality case that is thick enough to protect your phone but not too bulky.
  • Consider using a clear case so that you can still show off your phone’s design while protecting it.
  • If you’re worried about drops, go for a rugged heavy-duty case instead of a slim one.
  • You can also stick on some skins or wraps if you don’t want to use cases.

Aside from Using a Protective Coating, there are other DIY solutions available like adhesives, stickers, tapes, etc., but they may affect the functionality of your phone.

It’s worth mentioning that using high-quality screen protectors with adhesive backing could also make minor scratches less noticeable and reduce further damage.

According to Apple support, repair prices for iPhone backs are quite costly, ranging from $399 for an iPhone 11 Pro Max down to $99 for an iPhone 8 or earlier models.

If all else fails, let the professionals handle it – unless you want your iPhone to end up looking like it survived a nuclear explosion.

Professional Repair Options for Cracked iPhone Back

To resolve the issue of a cracked iPhone back, you might want to explore the different options available for professional repair. Consider utilizing a repair service by the manufacturer such as Apple Repair Services, or look into third-party repair services. Insurance coverage is another option that may help offset the cost of repairs.

Apple Repair Services

With the advancing technology, cracked iPhone backs are becoming a common issue. To cater to this problem, there are various professional repair options that ensure complete restoration of the device’s exterior. These repair services involve replacing the damaged back panel with an original Apple product to maintain the overall quality and longevity.

Moreover, these repair services offer additional benefits such as warranty, swift delivery turnaround time, and competitive pricing. Some of these services even provide pick-up and drop-off facilities to provide hassle-free customer experience.

It is important to note that opting for unprofessional third-party repair services may lead to further damage or impact the device’s functionality. Therefore, it is recommended to choose reliable Apple-certified technicians for repairing any damage.

Don’t risk further damage by delaying your decision about getting your valuable iPhone repaired by professionals. Contact a reputable service provider today and restore your iPhone’s aesthetics with peace of mind.

Who needs Apple when you can have a third-party repair service fix your iPhone and leave you with some extra cash for a new case (or bail money, depending on your track record).

Third-Party Repair Services

Third-party repair services offer an alternative solution for repairing a cracked iPhone back. These services are provided by expert technicians who specialize in fixing electronic gadgets. Here’s what you need to know about third-party repair services:

  • They can be cheaper than going directly to Apple.
  • Many service providers offer a quick turnaround time.
  • You may have to provide your own replacement parts.
  • Choosing a reputable service provider is crucial for quality repairs.

It’s important to keep in mind that using third-party repair services can void your warranty, so it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. Never opt for unauthorized repair shops as they could potentially cause irreparable damage.

When seeking these repair options, ensure you conduct thorough research on each service provider and their credibility. Lookout for reviews from past clients – they will provide tangible insight into the reliability of their services.

Keep your iPhone covered, because the only thing worse than a cracked back is a cracked bank account.

Insurance Coverage for iPhone Damage

When it comes to iPhone damage, there are various options for insurance coverage. Many customers opt for AppleCare+, a comprehensive insurance plan that covers both accidental damage and hardware malfunctions. This protection program can cover up to two incidents of accidental damage that includes screen damage or other damages such as cracked back glass.

If customers do not have AppleCare+ or purchased it recently when the incident occurred, they can still explore other professional repair options for their cracked iPhone backs. These may include taking it to an authorized Apple service provider, finding a nearby third-party vendor, or using online services that specialize in iPhone repairs. It’s important to research providers before making any decisions as prices and quality of service can vary widely.

In addition to insurance coverage and repair options, it’s crucial to practice good phone maintenance habits like using protective cases and avoiding placing phones in pockets with hard objects. Taking these preventative measures can help avoid expensive repairs or replacement costs in the future.

Don’t let a cracked iPhone back hold you back from productivity and communication with loved ones. Explore professional repair options today and give your phone the care it deserves! Because let’s face it, unless you’re wearing a suit of armor or have a personal force field, there’s always a chance you’ll crack your iPhone back again – so here’s how to prevent it.

Preventing Future Damage to iPhone Back

To prevent future damage to your iPhone back with using a protective case or cover, avoiding extreme temperatures, and avoiding impacts or pressure. These three sub-sections briefly cover all the aspects you must know to protect your iPhone back from cracking.

Using a Protective Case or Cover

Protecting your iPhone’s back is crucial in maintaining its longevity. One recommended way is by utilizing a safeguarding case or cover that fits the device perfectly.

  • Such cases provide an additional layer of protection for the back of the iPhone while enabling easy access to charging ports, buttons and reducing bulky add-ons.
  • High-quality materials chosen for cases with hard covers, silicone bumpers or shock-absorbing technology help prevent scratches, craters, and cracks from drops.
  • Cases with raised edges and corners can diminish contact between the iPhone’s back surface and other surfaces it may come into contact with such as tables and floors.
  • Choosing a slim case for a compact fit can also help prevent sweating issues causing trapped moisture in-between your device and protective cover.

In addition, some protective covers come in various patterns, designs, colors, or are customizable as per client preferences. These options enable users to personalize their iPhones while also safeguarding them.

One user had their phone accidentally slip off the counter onto concrete flooring. Even though it was an unwelcome experience, they were grateful to have utilized a sturdy protective case which minimized damage to just mere scratches on the case itself rather than any severe fractures on the phone’s delicate glass back.

Don’t cook your iPhone like a Thanksgiving turkey – extreme temperatures can lead to fried circuit boards and tears in your wallet.

Avoiding Extreme Temperatures

Extreme Heat and Cold can Harm Your iPhone’s Back

The back of your iPhone is fragile, so it’s important to protect it from harsh temperatures. Extreme heat or cold can cause damage to the battery and other internal components. It’s best to avoid exposing your phone to these conditions.

When exposed to intense heat, the battery can degrade faster than usual, leading to a drop in performance and reduced battery life. Cold temperatures can cause the battery to discharge faster, which means you’ll need to charge your phone more frequently.

To avoid this, store your phone in a cool, dry place. Don’t leave it out in direct sunlight or near sources of heat like ovens and heaters. If you’re in a cold environment, keep your phone close to your body or use a protective case that insulates it from the cold.

Pro Tip: Invest in a protective case that will provide additional insulation for your phone against extreme temperatures.

If you want to avoid cracking your iPhone back, maybe don’t set it down on a bed of nails. Just a thought.

Avoiding Impact or Pressure on iPhone Back.

Protecting the iPhone’s Back from Damage

It is crucial to shield your iPhone’s back surface from any harm that may cause potential damage. The durability of Apple’s iPhones can be compromised with rough handling, cracks, and breakage due to high impact on the phone’s back surface.

To avoid causing damage to the back of your iPhone, it is essential not to expose the device to sharp objects or excessive pressure on its back. Keep it well-protected in a sturdy phone case that cushions blows and drops while offering good grip and sturdy protection.

To further ensure the safety of your device, avoid stacking unnecessary items on top of the phone in your purse or bag. Avoid placing heavy objects directly on top of your iPhone as this may cause immense stress on its fragile components.

A recent study published by SquareTrade determined that nearly half (47%) of Americans reported accident-prone instances with their smartphones such as dropping them or spilling liquids on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did my iPhone back crack?
A: There are several reasons why your iPhone back may have cracked. It might be due to a drop, pressure applied to the back, or a manufacturing defect. It’s essential to handle your iPhone with care to avoid accidental damages.

Q: Can I still use my iPhone with a cracked back?
A: Yes, you can still use your iPhone with a cracked back. However, it’s essential to get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the internal components of your phone.

Q: Does a cracked iPhone back affect the warranty?
A: A cracked iPhone back is considered accidental damage and is not covered by Apple’s warranty. However, if you have insurance coverage, it may help cover the cost of repairs or a replacement.

Q: How much does it cost to repair a cracked iPhone back?
A: The cost of repairing a cracked iPhone back varies depending on the model of the iPhone and the severity of the damage. It can range from $99 to over $500. It’s essential to get a quote from a reliable repair service provider before making any decisions.

Q: Can I fix my iPhone back myself?
A: While it’s possible to fix your iPhone back yourself, it’s not recommended. DIY repairs can cause further damage, and it’s best to bring it to a professional repair service provider to guarantee a proper and safe repair.

Q: How long does it take to fix a cracked iPhone back?
A: The time it takes to fix a cracked iPhone back depends on the extent of the damage and the repair service provider. It can take a few hours or up to a week. It’s essential to ask your repair service provider for an estimated timeline and plan accordingly.

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