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Why you need Whatsapp Plus APK?

We all are familiar with the features and benefits of WhatsApp.

It has become an ultimate way of communicating with friends and family.

There are many features of WhatsApp that wish to add, but unfortunately, the official version does not have such a policy. In such cases, people try to switch over to another app that has that feature. But, now you can use WhatsApp with all your desired features through this modded app called WhatsApp Plus APK or WhatsApp+.

So, let us explore more about WhatsApp Plus APK, its features, and how to download it.

What is WhatsApp Plus APK?

WhatsApp Plus is one of the most popular apps for Android devices in the app marketplace.

Many people have spread rumors that WhatsApp Plus will not be working anymore, but here we will provide you with its complete guide.

WhatsApp Plus latest version is just like the original and official one, and you can do everything as you do on normal WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus for Android is nothing but a modded version of your official WhatsApp messenger, except it is loaded with some extra features and specifications to give you a better experience.

Just like your normal WhatsApp, you can use this app for managing your group activities, chats, personal messages, and whatnot.

You are allowed to do many things on WhatsApp Plus which you cannot do on your official WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp Plus APK free download is available for all the users and they can easily install it on their device.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

We already know that WhatsApp plus is loaded with features, so without wasting much time let us explore its wonderful features.

  • This modded version of WhatsApp with a default blue colored icon. However, you would love to know that you can change the icon according to your choice.
  • In the official version of WhatsApp, you are not allowed to send files whose size is exceeding over 15 MB. But, with this version of WhatsApp, you can send the files which are up to 50 MB. So, this is a great relief for everyone who always sends large files to their friends and relatives.
  • Through this version, you can send more than 10 pictures at a time. But, this feature is not allowed in the normal version of WhatsApp.
  • In the official version, you cannot change the background of your WhatsApp chat. But, this allows you to change the background color as well as the notification color as per your choice. Now, you will know easily whether you have got a message from group chat or personal chat. This customization feature is helpful for many people.
  • In the official version when you send a picture, WhatsApp reduces the quality of the picture to send it accordingly but this does not happen in WhatsApp Plus. You can send the picture without any alteration in its quality or clarity. It is helpful for those who regularly share the official document with their employees, colleagues, etc.
  • You get to modify the color of the theme and also UI color according to your choice and requirement. You can customize the look, background, and notification color of your WhatsApp messenger according to you, and that is one of the amazing features in this app.
  • One of the unique features of this WhatsApp modded app is that you can select a different status for different people. For example, you can keep something normal for your family to see and on the other hand, you can keep a hilarious status for your friends to see it. Isn’t that amazing?
  • You do not have to open your friend’s profile to read their status; instead, you can simply see it alongside chatting with them.
  • In this version, you are also allowed to change the ticks or bubble style according to your choice and requirement.
  • Usually, we have seen that the modded version of the mobile app works only with Jelly bean and KitKat version of Android. But, WhatsApp Plus works with Android Marshmallow also, and you can enjoy all its features on your device without any hindrance.
  • Sometimes we have seen that on using a modded version of the app, the account gets banned and you lose all your data on your device at once. However, this is not the case with WhatsApp Plus. Your account will not get banned and you can use it comfortably for as long as you want to.
  • The status limit is increased to 255 characters from 150 and now you can post something extra also with elaborated emojis.
  • You can disable the voice calling feature to avoid disturbance and you can also hide your online status to prevent people from seeing that you are online.
  • There is a status clipboard through which you get to copy the status of your friend without having to remember and type it all over again. You can simply copy it to the clipboard and paste it wherever you want to.
  • Not only this, but you also get to change the text styles of your conversation on WhatsApp Plus.
  • There is a log through which you will get to know which friend of yours was online at that time.

Needless to mention, all these features are extremely helpful for all of us. Many people wish they had such customization options available to them, but now they get to use it for real.

WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version v8.X Download

After knowing about the mind-blowing features of WhatsApp Plus, nobody would want to wait even for a second to download this app.

So given below are the procedure for WhatsApp Plus APK Download and installation.

  • First of all, you have to click on the download link provided here and click on it. This will start the download procedure on your device.

Download Whatsapp Plus

  • After completion of the download process, you have to click on the install option and it will get installed on your device.
  • Now, you must go to settings and then click chat and further click on the backup option.
  • Wait for a few seconds and allow the backup procedure to get completed.
  • Now, you must uninstall the WhatsApp from your device, and install the WhatsApp Plus which you have downloaded from the link provided by us.
  • Enter your mobile number and verify your account through OTP.
  • Now, you can enter your name and other details. Your configuration is ready to use and you can chat with your friends and enjoy all the features of WhatsApp Plus.

Tips for using WhatsApp Plus APK

Even though we have discussed all the necessary processes involved in the downloading of this app, a little more will do no harm.

So take a look at some extra tips that will help you in using WhatsApp Plus properly.

  • WhatsApp Plus comes with an inbuilt lock feature and you can prevent others from freely accessing your WhatsApp chats and shared files. You can set the password and you have to enter the password every time you open this app.
  • You will need a properly working internet connection to run this app successfully. This is an obvious tip but some people simply post complaints about this version not working on the slow network.
  • You must remember that this app is loaded with features and hence, it will consume some extra battery from your device. So if you are running out of charge, then use it accordingly because it does drain your battery.
  • You will be able to create invite links for your other friends whom you want to join any of your groups. You can directly send them the link.

Frequently Asked Questions About WhatsApp Plus APK

  • Will my WhatsApp account be safe with this modded app?

Ans. Yes, your WhatsApp account is absolutely safe in this version of the app.

  • Is this app available for iPhone?

Ans. No, WhatsApp Plus is not available for iOS currently, but alternate options are available.

  • Is uninstalling official WhatsApp a mandatory process to use this app?

Ans. Yes, you have to uninstall the official WhatsApp.

Pros and Cons

There is absolutely no need to mention the pros of WhatsApp Plus because it is loaded with unbelievable features and we already know that. There are many things we cannot do it on the official app, whereas this version allows all such activities.

As far as cons are concerned, we recently heard the news that accounts of WhatsApp Plus users were banned for about 24 hours.

Since this is a modded app, there are few risks involved despite having no ban feature.

Final words

In light of all the facts about the WhatsApp Plus mentioned above, we can conclude that it is one of the most wonderful apps for Android devices.

It gives all the features which are not available in the official version of the app.

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However, users are requested to be careful while using this version and not misuse the liberty provided to them through this modded version.

Follow the guidelines provided above and enjoy the features safely.

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