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This 140-question D&D Quiz Finds Your Class, Race, Alignment, And Level

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Imagine if you were to be dropped in a Dungeons and Dragons realm as an adventurer.

An incredibly detailed questionnaire we just stumbled upon may give you an idea about how you would handle yourself out there.

This 140-question quiz identifies your race, class, alignment, level, and ability score to determine what type of build you would be working with if your traits from life were transferred to the TTRPG.

The quiz itself takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes. There are 140 questions. However, it is very simple as all the questions can be answered true or false.

However, the quiz creators didn’t stop there. They also explored questions about morality, religion and class as well as physical ability.

You may learn something about yourself by answering the questions.

The questionnaire’s introduction states that the survey can generate over 1.5 trillion unique results. This means that you can be certain that this isn’t your typical Buzzfeed quiz, where your answers may not matter all that much.

Each question should be answered accurately. Choose the answer that best describes you or the one with which you are most in agreement. Please take the time to read through all of the answers. The survey requires that you answer all questions in order to receive the best results.

Participants won’t need to provide their names, email addresses, or any other information. However, they will need a computer/phone capable of running JavaScript and popup windows.

To find out if you are unsure, click the “What Character am i” button at bottom of survey before answering all 140 questions.

You will also find sections on survey FAQs, Stats and an explanation of D&D’s alignment system.

The survey is available here.

You can also use the Player’s Handbook to create the character you end up being (or any other PC for that matter).

So…. So, what are you waiting?

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