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5 Strange Magic Items That Will Be Sure To Get A Laugh In Your D&D Game

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Everyone, Happy April Fools Day!

We’ve compiled a list of the most bizarre, absurd, and (but not necessarily unusable)items in D&D 5e to celebrate the silly day.

A few of these items can be introduced for an April Fools campaign session or one-shot. This will make for memorable moments, especially if the Bard is able to obtain any of them!

Ring of Contrariness

The cursed magic ring makes its wearer incapable of agreeing with any idea, statement or action. The remove curse spell must be cast on the person wearing the ring before it can be taken off. The curse means that the wearer will not allow anyone to cast it.

This basically makes a party member a naysayer. It can lead to some hilarious RP repercussions.

It can also be difficult to get away.

Contrariness cannot be removed from a ring. To keep the ring on his finger, the wearer will use both his powers and those of his ring. The ring’s wearer will not cause any harm to himself. The ring will not cause any harm to the wearer. A ring indicating contrariness spells that the wearer must be careful, the cumulative remove curse placed on the person wearing it must not exceed 100%.

Brooch of Number Numing

This brooch is made of silver or gold (15% have jewels) and can be used to fasten a cape or cloak. The brooch magically clouded the mind of all who touch it, except those conversing with the owner.

You can basically just slap the brooch on the local shopkeeper (if your Rogue’s handy enough). Then watch him fall apart in negotiations, especially because this clause states: “The victim doesn’t recognize his inability remember the values numbers. The victim believes that all numbers are the same while under the influence of brooch. He will take any number-related claim and any financial deal offered to him.

However, you may find yourself in trouble once the brooch has worn off.

#1 Billowing Cloak

The Wondrous, common item’s only purpose is to allow the wearer to use a bonus action to make it bluff dramatically.

Charisma does not grant any bonus or slight levitation. It literally billows.

You should give each member of your group one.

#2 Wand of Smiles

The wand comes with three charges that can be used to force any humanoid to move within 30 feet of the wand to make a DC 10 Charisma saving.

They are forced to smile for one minute after a failure.

If the last charge on the wand is exhausted and the owner rolls 1 on a dice d20, the Wand of Scowls will be created.

We are sure that you can guess what is used for.

#3 Bag Of Beans

This may be the most powerful item of D&D 5e.

This thing can (hypothetically speaking) produce 3d4 HUGE ASSS PYRAMIDS, which the party can then just lay down wherever they like.

It’s possible, though not probable, for a 91-99 to be rolled on a bag with a d100 each time it is used.

Since I gave him the damn bag, a Bard from my campaign has left three pyramids behind — one of which was created out of the stomach a dragon’s stomach.

This session is unforgettable because of the sheer randomness of the beans’ eruptings. But be careful with who you give the beans to.

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