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Here’s How To Make A D&D 5e Character In Seconds

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Imagine that you have convinced your friends to try D&D.

Although you have a one-shot ready, maps drawn and NPC voices memorized, you know that it is the players who are responsible for creating their characters. creating their characters — may be a little bit too much to ask these already-hesitant-would-be-D&D-players.

Instead of spending hours creating character sheets for everyone (because they may not understand half of what you have to say), you can use this character generator to create a few sheets in a matter of seconds.

This article is not sponsored by is notwhere to go if your goal is to min/max, hand pick your spells or build the PC of your dreams.

It is best used to generate random characters, with the ability to choose race and class, subclasses, level, background, alignments, custom abilities scores, feats, magic items, and background.

This is great for chaotic-irl gamers who see helming a random PC a challenging challenge or for the DM who just needs some sheets for their new players.

You have the option to limit the character you create on the site, use the Player’s Handbook only or Core+More which uses the Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide as well as the Monster Manual expansion rules and other sources.

In addition to the options mentioned above, the generator allows you to select the format of your character sheet. This can be text-only mobile, greyscale, or colored in portrait, landscape, and many other formats.

It’s also quite fun to simply punch in random characters and see what character emerges!

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