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Destiny 2 Xenophage Quest | How to get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun

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Destiny 2 Xenophage Exotic Quest is available to those who have purchased the Shadowkeep expansion.

This exotic quest is different from other missions. You may need some help locating the right places.

The Xenophage quest takes much less time than other Exotic quests. Most of the steps can be completed solo up to the step that requires you to dive into Pit of Heresy.

Quick Guide to Destiny 2: Xenophage
  1. To begin the quest, interact with the four statues at the Enduring Abyss located near the Pyramid.
  2. Lighten the six lantern plates of Anchor of Light
  3. Complete the four puzzles found at the end K1 Lost Sectors of the Moon
  4. Locate the hidden symbol in the Pit of Heresy Dungeon.
  5. To unlock the secret room, find the hidden orb at the Pit of Heresy Dungeon.
  6. Volmar, The Tempted, is the hidden boss.
  7. Return to Eris

How to Start the Xenophage Quest

You must first go to the destination of the moon to begin the Xenophage quest. Next, head to Sorrows Harbour. Continue on to the upper area until you reach Gates of the Keep (the big entrance into the tower).

  1. Once you reach the destination, continue straight ahead and then take the left-hand path.
  2. Continue on until you reach Enduring Abyss.
  3. Continue to explore the cave further until you find a large lantern.
  4. There’s a path just behind the lantern to your right and up. Follow it.
  5. Continue straight until you reach the platform facing pyramid.

To begin the quest, you must interact with the four statues on either the right or left sides of the pyramid once you have reached the platform.

The goal is to illuminate the four statues.

You can do this by starting to interact with the statues as follows:

  • The statue on the right is closest to the entrance;
  • The statue of the extreme-right was then installed.
  • The statue to the left;
  • Finally, the statue to the left.

After entering the correct code, a new chest appears. Open the chest to receive the Xenophage quest The Journey.

Step 1: Emergence

You must travel to the Anchor Light as the first step in the Xenophage quest.

You will then need to find an orb light to illuminate six hidden lesterns within the zone.

You will find the first activated lectern right next to the orb light spawn. To get there, grab the orb and take it to the lectern.

You must light the lecterns in the correct order. After lighting the first lectern, you have 60 seconds until you can light the next one.

Each time you light another lectern, the 60 second timer will be reset.

The video below shows you where the orb of Light is located and how to light the lecterns.

After lighting each of the six lecterns you will receive a message saying “You are ready for the darkness to end”.

Once you have seen that message, an objective marker will be given that will lead you to the final step.

You will be able to complete the Xenophage quest by depositing the orb light where indicated by the waypoint.

Step 2: Pathfinder

This step is where you will need to collect fragments for each Lost Sector on the moon.

To collect all the fragments, you’ll need to complete the Lost Sector as you would normally. However, once you get to the end, you’ll find a puzzle near each Lost Sector exit.

There are many symbols in the puzzles, so you’ll need to shoot them until they all match for you to get the fragment.

There are many solutions to these puzzles, but the below should be sufficient.

K1 Communion (Anchor Of Light)

  1. Bottom left
  2. Bottom right
  3. Centre top
  4. Centre top

K1 Logistics (Archer’s Line).

  1. Top left
  2. Bottom left
  3. Centre right
  4. Centre

K1 (Sorrow’s Harbour Revelation)

  1. Centre right
  2. Centre left
  3. Centre
  4. Centre
  5. Centre left
  6. Centre top
  7. Centre bottom
  8. Centre

K1 Crew Quarters (Hellmouth)

  1. Top right
  2. Centre left
  3. Centre
  4. Centre bottom
  5. Centre right
  6. Centre right
  7. Centre bottom
  8. Centre bottom

Once you have completed all of the tasks and collected all the fragments you will receive the Descent quest with the Path Uncovered step.

Step 3: Descent (Path Not Covered)

You will need to enter the Pit of Heresy Dungeon in order to complete the next part of the quest. Talk to Eris to unlock the dungeon and follow the questline.

This step requires you to locate a hidden icon within the dungeon.

You can find the symbol by following these steps:

  1. Begin the first encounter.
  2. Continue until you come to a wall of doors.
  3. Turn left at the uppermost door.

You will find the symbol in the door that you have to go to. To see where the door is located and how to get there, you can view the Fuzzy bearbarian video below.

Step 4: Discovery

After you’ve completed the ” path Uncovered” step you can continue on through the dungeon to the second encounter.

Once you have reached the second encounter, continue to your left along the edge and drop down to the lower path. You will find a plate on a table.

You can activate the plate to reveal platforms. In the last platform, you will find an orb.

To place the orb on the opposite side of the door, you’ll need to move it to the right corridor.

Once you’ve done this, the secret room will open. Inside will be the boss.

To see the location and hidden room, you can view the WoW Queests video guide below.

Step 5: Slay Volmar the Tempted

You will need to grab some orbs in order to defeat Volmar the Tempted.

To find out where the locations are, you might want to go into the room.

The boss is just before you. There is a room with four elements orbs in each corner. Each orb is marked with a Hive rune.

This information will be available to you based on the buff you have and where you need the orb to be placed.

You will be given four buffs throughout the fight:

  • Thunderous Dread (Arc).
  • Abyssal Dread (Void).
  • Fiery Dread (Solar).
  • Neutral Dread (Kinetic)

You will need to locate the Dread in the middle of the boss room, and then place it in the appropriate corner.

Below, you can see where the orb should be placed according to your dread level (front is right next to the entrance).

  • Thunderous Dreary: bottom, corner front left
  • Abyssal Drread: Top-Level, Back-left Corner
  • Fiery Dread Bottom Level, Back Right Corner
  • Neutral Dread Top-level, Front-right Corner

The Dread will transform into a Vengeance buff if you place it in the right spot. This lasts approximately 25 seconds.

You can damage the boss with the vengeance buff. However, only the damage type of your buff is allowed. This means that if Fiery Dread is turned into Fiery Vengeance you cannot damage the boss with fire weapons or abilities.

As you can see, Esoterickk beating the boss alone:

Step 6: Finality

After the boss has been defeated, you’ll receive a Hive Bug. Then, return to Eris on Eris’ moon, and you’ll receive the Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun.

The Pit of Heresy dungeon is not required. If you do get stuck, you can still complete the Xenophage exotic quest.

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