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Destiny 2 Wish-Ender Quest Steps | How To Get Wish-Ender In Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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This guide will help you get the Destiny 2 Wish Endder exotic bow using the Forsakenexpansion.

To access the Dreaming City, you will need to complete the full Forsaken campaign.

You will be able access the Shattered Throne dungeon, and you can present the Awoken Timalan to a Satue within the dungeon.

This is no longer true. You can now go into the Tower, interact with the Quest Archive and then go to the exotics section. From there, you can get the Wish-Ender quest.

After you have done that, you must go into the Shattered Throne dungeon to present the Awoken Timalan to the Statue. This is after the ogre fight.

Quick Guide to Destiny 2 Wish-Ender
  1. Present the Awoken Talisman at the Statue in Shattered Throne.
  2. Completion of the [????] Quest;
  3. Cleanse the Shattered Throne with Dreaming Tokens
  4. Talk to the Statue for the Wish-Ender Bow.

How to Start the Wish-Ender Quest

To begin with, you must have the Forsaken expansion to obtain the Destiny 2 Wish-Ender Bow.

To access the Wish-Ender quest you will first need to complete the Forsaken campaign. If you don’t have the campaign completed, you might need to complete the Shattered Throne dungeon.

If you don’t get it, you can speak to Petra in Dreaming City. She should be able to give you the quest from her inventory.

If the above methods of obtaining the quest do not work for you, the quest should be found in the Quest Archive at the Tower.

You can travel to the Tower, and you will find the Quest Archive kiosk next to the Postmaster. Go to the exotics section to grab the Wish-Ender quest.

Step 1: Present the Talisman

Once you have obtained the Wish-Ender quest you need to first go to the Shattered Tribe and present the Talisman an Awoken Warrior.

You will need to locate a statue of Sjur Eido that is located next to the first major boss. Walk up to it and give the Awoken Talisman.

Step 2: Completion of the [????] Quest

It will seem as though nothing happened once you have presented the Talisman. It isn’t true. The Talisman unlocks a mysterious and secret mission called strong >[????. It is located on the Tangled Shore.

You will find the Four-Horned Gulch on the Tangled Shore. Take your Ghost with you and wander around the area until you come across the [????] mission icon. You will find a mission icon named [????] that simply states “prove you worth.”

The mission is quite straightforward until you reach the final area where you must kill three Taken enemies. Each enemy will drop a token that you will need to complete the third stage of the quest for Wish Ender.

Step 3: Cleanse the Tokens

You will need to return to the ShatteredThrone in this step. You’ll need to go into the dungeon to progress to the Ogre boss.

While you are exploring the dungeon you will need to defeat some secret bosses. You will need to find orbs in the dungeon, and then take them to their statues.

Querim Dreaming Token

You will first need to activate the Token from Querim.

This step can be found in the first encounter with the dungeon. It requires that you find an orb on a tower’s top and deliver it to the boss Querim. Querim, the boss, will appear in the exact same spot where you delivered the orb to the statue.

You can see below a complete guide from WoW Queests for a better understanding of these mechanics.

The Dreaming Token of Eriviks

You will need to activate the Token from Eriviks.

You will need to locate two orbs in this room. You will need to locate and deliver an orb to the Ogre room. There, you’ll have to walk on beams above a huge pit. Then, you’ll have to grab another orb to the Thrall where Taken is following you.

The secret boss will spawn in an area other than the one where both orbs were delivered. After delivering the orbs, he will be in a hidden room.

You can see below a complete guide from WoW Queests for a better understanding of these mechanics.

Dreaming Token Of Xavoth

The Token from Xavoth will be your third and final token.

This one can be found in the Ogre boss fight. Kill the Wizards, collect enough marks to cleanse the fire, and then drop the boss shield.

Once the shield is down, you can ignore the Ogre and begin looking around for a Taken Minotaur. (The Taken Minotaur is invisible.

After you have killed the Minotaur, an orb will be spawned. Grab the orb and take it to the left. There is another statue that can deliver it.

Once you have delivered the orb, another boss Ogre will appear in the middle. This Ogre doesn’t have a shield like the Ogre boss. Kill it to get rid of the token of Xavoth.

You can see below a complete guide from WoW Queests for a better understanding of these mechanics.

Step 4: Talk to the Statue

Now, you can take your tokens to Sjur Eido statue, located just outside of the Ogre boss fight area. It will now have the three bowls surrounding it with a glowing orb hovering over each one. You can interact with the statue to claim your exotic bow.

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