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Destiny 2 The Lament Quest Steps | How To Get Beyond Light Exotic Sword

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Destiny 2 The Lament, the new Exoticsword that was added to the game as part of the Beyond Light expansion.

This Exotic quest was released immediately after completion of the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

Although this quest is easy, it does require some farming and Vex kills.

You may want to speed up your Lament Exotic sword purchase. It is powerful, but not the most damaging weapon right now.

The Lament Quick Guide to How To Get Destiny 2
  1. Talk to Bunshee 44
  2. Three dead Exos
  3. The giant Exo
  4. Vex can be killed with a sword
  5. Completion of the Exo Challenge
  6. Vex can be defeated with finishers on Europa
  7. Completion of the Glassway Strike
  8. Talk to Banshee 44;
  9. Completion of the Bunker E15 lost sector
  10. Completion of the Reforging The Past mission.

How to start the Lost Lament Quest

You will need to speak to Banshee 44 to start The Lament Exotic quest.

You will be given an Exotic quest, Lost Lament and the first step to obtain The Lament Exotic Sword.

Step 1: Locate 3 Dead Exos

You will need to locate 3 dead Exos in order to complete the Lost Lament quest.

There are 9 Exos left in Europa. However, this quest will only require you to find 3.

They are easy to find in Cadmus Ridge and Bray Exoscience.

Follow the video below to find a location guide. The timestamps can be found in the description.

Step 2: Locate the Giant Exo

This step in the Lost Lament quest requires you to locate the Giant Exohead at the BrayTech facility.

You must travel to the Bray Exoscience region. Once you are in this area, go through the right staircase.

You will find an open door to the right of the room that leads to the new creation area.

To quickly get to the destination, you can mark the quest on your map.

Follow that route until you reach the Giant Exo head. I’m sure you won’t miss it.

To receive the next step of the Lost Lament quest, activate it and talk to it.

Step 3: Kill Vex with Swords

You will need to kill 100 Vex using a sword , 20 Hydras, Cyclopses, and kill 100 Vix.

Note that all enemies with red bars seem to be, so you’ll need to kill them all.

This was the fastest way for me to do it. I went to Cadmus Ridge’s Perdition Lossed Sector.

You can continue the Lost Sector until 100 Vex kills are achieved, but after that you will need to kill some Minotaurs or Hydras.

In the Perdition Lost Sector, you will find 3 red bar Minotaurs in the first and second rooms.

Kill the 3 Minotaurs and then go to the Cadmus Ridge area. Once you’re there, you can return in so that they spawn again. Continue this process until you have killed all 20.

Step 4: Take on the Exo Challenge

This step requires you to unlock the Empire Hunts first.

You will need to complete Varik’s post-campaign questline, and then do the Dark Priestess Empire Hunt.

After that, you’ll need to complete the Variks Old Challenges, New Secrets quest.

Grab the quest from Variks, and head to the waypoint marked on the map.

This quest also has an Exo Challenge. Once you have completed that quest, you can move on to the Lost Lament quest, and then finish the Old Secrets New Challenges quest.

You can choose the Exo Challenges on the map to complete if you have completed the Lost Lament quest and already unlocked them.

Step 5: Beat Vex with Finishers

This one is similar to step 3. You will need to grind a bit.

You can do this by going back to the Perdition Lost Sector with a low-damage weapon to get the Vex to the finisher.

This step can be completed in approximately two completes of the Perdition Lost Sector.

Step 6: Locate the Blade Pieces

You will need some blade pieces in the Glassway strike to complete this step.

You can continue the strike as normal, but in the final Boss room you will need to kill a Transcendent Hypy.

The Harpy will spawn together with the Boss. When it is killed, it will drop the blade pieces.

The strike can be ended at that point, but you don’t have to end it.

It seems that the Boss will drop the Blade Pieces when it is only about a third of its death.

Step 7: Talk with Banshee-44

You will now need to bring the Blade Pieces to Banshee. He will also remember some old memories.

The Broken Blade will be returned to you by the man who will place it in the Heavy weapon slot until the end of the quest.

He will ask you to locate an abandoned bunker at Eventide Ruins.

Step 8: Explore the abandoned bunker

To complete this step, you will need to complete the Binker E15 Lost Sector at Eventide Ruins.

You will be able to complete the Lost Sector, loot the chest and move on to the next step.

Step 9: Reforging the Past Mission

After you have completed the Lost Sector, you will be sent an urgent message by Clovis BrayAI informing you that the Vex have attacked him and that you must rescue him.

This will allow you to see the Reforging The Past mission flag right beside the Bunker E15 lost sector entrance.

This mission will give you the Lament Exotic blade.

You will start the mission by jumping in a tank to run over the Vex.

Clovis Bray AI will then call for your help. You will need to battle through the Bray Exoscience, Creation and Final areas until you reach the Exo head.

The broken blade will be placed on the pedestal to allow the Clovis AI reforge.

The room will then be filled with ammo boxes that you can pick up.

You will then need to defeat the Vex they spawn using your Exotic sword. Then, you can speak with Clovis AI.

You will then be able keep the Exotic Sword.

Step 10: Talk with Banshee 44

You will be able to keep the Exotic sword after the mission but you must still talk to Banshee 44.

He will be grateful to you for rebuilding his sword and will tell you that he can keep it.

All that is left to do, The lament is yours.

The Lament Exotic Sword

You will need to master how to use the Lament Exotic to do the most damage.

This Exotic is particularly useful during the second encounter with the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

Its Exotic Perk Banshee’s Wail. However, to get that perk you need to create a combination that looks like this:

  • Hold the block to revise the blade
  • Holding block, three light attacks
  • Block still holding, heavy attack

This combination will cause massive damage to your enemies and destroy Champion shields.

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