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Destiny 2 Hawkmoon Quest Steps | As The Crow Flies and Let Loose Thy Talons Quest Guide

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Destiny2 Hawkmoon was just released as part of the Season of the Hunt quest.

You can get the Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon now from the original Destiny.

To complete the Hawkmoon Exotic quest, you’ll need the Season of the HuntSeason Pass.

How to Get Destiny 2 Hawkmoon: Quick Guide
  1. Talk to Spider
  2. Find Paracausal Feathers
  3. Completion of the mission “Cry From Beyond”
  4. Collect 50 Orbs Power and generate them.
  5. Find the coordinates.
  6. Collect more Paracausal Feathers
  7. You can defeat Guardians or Champions.
  8. Complete the “The Crow and the Hawk” mission.

Talk to Spider

To get Destiny 2 HawkmoonExotic handcannon, you must first speak to Spider at his lair on the Tangled Shore.

Talk with Spider to get the ” as The Crow Flies Exotic quest”.

Quest: As the Crow Flies

Step 1: Locate all Paracausal Feathers

You will need to locate 5 Paracausal Feathers in Steps 1-5.

You will find the Feathers in various locations. To locate them, you’ll need to read the lore sections.

To make things even easier, the Feathers locations guide can be viewed in the video below.

Step 2: Talk with Crow

After you have located all the Feathers you can then go to Crow in Tangled Shore to speak to Spider.

Then, he will give you a new quest ” Let loose Thy Talons“.

Let loose Thy Talons Quest

Step 1: Complete the Cry From Beyond Mission

This quest starts with you completing the mission ” cry From Beyond” in the EDZ.

Start your mission at the glowing bird by traveling to The Sludge.

This mission will require you to follow the glowing bird around until you reach the effigy Hawkmoon, which is on a piece from the Traveler.

You will accomplish the mission if you pick it up.

Step 2: Return to Crow

After completing the mission, you can return to Crow and talk with him.

Then, he will give you the next steps in your quest.

Step 3: Collect 50 Orbs of Power

This step will require you to generate and collect 50 orbs of power.

One point will be earned for creating an Orb, and one for picking up an Orb.

I believe that the fastest way to get to this point is to enter the Blind Wellin The Dreaming City.

You will always have your super ready in the Blind Well. This allows you to generate tons of orbs and also allow you to interact with other guardians.

Don’t forget to add Masterwork weapon, which will also generate Orbs Of Power. Unlike your super, where you cannot pick up your super orbs. However, Masterwork weapons orbs can be picked up.

This step can be completed in less than one run of the Blind Well.

Step 4: Talk with Crow Again

After you have collected all 50 Orbs, you must return to Crow to speak with him again.

The next step in this quest will be given to you by him, which will take you back to the EDZ.

Step 5: Find the Coordinates

Follow the marker to the abandoned building.

You will then find the glowing bird.

Step 6: Collect more Paracausal Feathers

This step will require you to locate more Paracausal Feathers in an area newly created with this quest.

You will find a new door leading to that area, right next to the glowing bird from the previous step.

Once you have reached that area, follow the path to collect the Feathers.

The quest step for the Feathers is quite straightforward. They appear on your screen as resources.

There will be 4 Feathers on the route, and the Boss will drop the final Feather in the last room.

This step is completed when you have collected all five Paracausal Feathers.

Step 7: Return to Crow

Crow will be your next stop.

Then he will direct you to the next stage of your quest.

Step 8: Defeat Guardians or Champions

You will need to grind this step.

If you’re a PVP enthusiast, you can enter the Crucible or Gambit and try to get 200 kills.

If you need to get this done quickly, I recommend the Champions option.

To get my Pinnacle rewards, I completed the Master Empire Hunt as well as a Legend Nightfall. It was almost over.

It was a heroic Nightfall that I had to complete, and it was not over.

You can also farm the Legend Lost Sectors and kill the 4 Champions.

Step 9: Complete The Crow and The Hawk Mission

Return to The Sludge and begin the mission at the same place as step 1.

Although the mission is similar to the original, you will need to follow different routes to reach the glowing bird.

Once you get to the last room, where you have the Traveler’s Piece, you will need to kill the glowing enemies. They will drop orbs that you can throw at the Taken to take their shields.

After you have removed all Taken barriers, you will be able to get the Hawkmoon. Next you will need to communicate with the Traveler and defeat any Taken Boss.

You will need to repeat the process to defeat the last Boss. First, defeat the glowing enemies, then throw the orbs at him to knock down his shield. Then you can do damage.

Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon

The primary Exotic perk for the Hawkmoon’s Hawkmoon is Paracausal Shot. This will give the Hawkmoon a buff when you kill and make precision hits with it.

Final blows and precision hits made with Hawkmoon will give you stacks of Paracausal Charge. With that, the last round of the magazine will deal bonus damages.

Hawkmoon also includes a Transformative perk. This means that once you unlock Hawkmoon you can get it again using a random roll.

You can now get a Hawkmoon equipped with a unique roll by replacing the Transformative perk.

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