Customize Folders with Different Colors in Windows 10

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Windows OS allows you to customize your PC the way you want, and there is software out there that allows you to customize your PC to make it look better and attractive. All of us want our computer to be well organized, as it would be easier to access your files and folders when you need it. Apart from organizing your files using separate folders for different kinds of files, you can also customize the folder itself. One of such customization is changing the color of the folder so that it becomes easier to access the folder. If you can assign a different color to different folders, then it would become easier to access the next time. After all, recognizing a folder with color would be much easier than going through the names of the folder.

To be honest, I have tons of folders with tons of files in them, but I only access a few of these folders daily. So, assigning a color to the frequently accessed folder would help in identifying and accessing the folder in a much efficient way. There are many other ways to customize a folder such as you can assign a keyboard shortcut for a particular folder and obviously create a shortcut for the folder on the desktop itself.

To further customize folders in Windows 10, you can colorize them. Yes, you can color your folder with different colors in Windows 10. In this post, I will show you how to colorize and customize folders with different colors in Windows 10.

Customize Folders with Different Colors in Windows 10

To colorize folders in Windows 10, you need to download Folder Colorizer from here. This is handy little utility and requires installation. So, download and run the installer. While installing make sure you uncheck the box that asks whether you want to install any other third-party software. If you want to install the advertised software, then keep it checked.

Once installed, you need to activate it. Though, Folder Colorizer is a free tool; you need to activate it by entering an email address.

So, to activate it, right-click on any folder on your PC and hover the cursor on Colorize! And select the Color that you want to apply to the folder.

Now a pop-up window will appear asking you to enter an email address and activate the tool. You can enter any email address even an unavailable email address as you don’t need to confirm the email after submitting it. Once you have activated Folder Colorizer, you are good to customize folders with different colors in Windows 10.

Apply Colors to Folders

To apply color to any folder, navigate to the directory where the folder is located. Right-click on the folder and hover your mouse over Colorize option. It will show you eight different color options to select. So, select any one of the colors and apply it to the folder.

To see the changes, right-click and select Refresh.

Create More Color Schemes

If you don’t find your favorite color in the options, then you can create your own colors and add it to Folder Colorizer.

Right-click on any folder, hover your cursor on Colorize and from the option select Colors…

Here you can create your own colors scheme and add it to Colorizer. At the bottom, select the color of your choice, and use the slider to make it dark or light.

If you want, you can also name the color style. Finally, click on the + Add Color button to add the color. Close the Color Customizer, right-click on the folder and select your newly created color style if you want to apply it.

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