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Clever Cantrip Uses: Thaumaturgy (DnD 5E)

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Thaumaturgy is a combination of the Greek words “thauma”, “urgy” and “marvel-work”. The word Thaumaturgy comes from the Greek words “thauma” and “urgy”. It is a term that refers to spiritualists who claimed they could communicate with the spirits and ghosts beyond. People still pay for these services today in haunted Halloween houses or at the homes of psychics. These performers can be used to help us understand the limitations and capabilities of this cantrip.

You will need to get approval from your DM before you can make creative uses of this cantrip. Although it is unlikely that your DM will allow you to reap these benefits, it may be worth a try.

Voice booms 3x volume

  • You can deceive people far away with the sound of any animal or monster you can impersonate.
  • To make a bigger impact on the world, enhance your wicked mockery or divine words.
  • To make people think you’re larger than you actually are, do your best Wizard of Oz impression. “Don’t look behind the curtain!”

Flammable flame to flicker, brighten or dim, change color

  • In darkened areas, increase the radius of the torch
  • Reduce the enemies’ light radius or make it darker
  • To signal someone far away, change the colors of a flame

Harmless tremors

  • You can convince others that an army is coming.
  • It should appear as if a cave is about collapse.
  • Convince a town to believe that a terrible tragedy is coming upon them: a volcano or dragon awakening.
  • To make someone feel self-conscious or confident, time tremors in tandem with their steps.

Sound – thunderclap, raven cry and whispers

  • Use predatory sounds to intimidate or threaten animals and mounts. To attract animals, you can use mating calls.
  • You can convince others to believe that people are hiding out of sight.
  • You can make someone paranoid by surrounding him with barely audible whispers.
  • Encourage people to leave the area because of incoming rain and the sound of approaching thunder.
  • Use whispers to send messages to other people.
  • With the thunderclap of God’s approval, convince those around you that your message is true
  • A classic, well-timed fart sound is the best.

Unlocked doors/windows can be opened/closed

  • Is there a trap on the chest or door? To be certain, you can open the door from a distance. You might set off any traps even if the lock is not locked.
  • Is your enemy pressed against a door? To slap them in the face or throw them off balance, open the door.
  • Someone chasing you? You can slow down someone by throwing open shop doors, wagon doors, and animal cages.
  • Are you looking to chase someone? You can do the opposite and hope that they fall into a doorway or trip over chickens.

Alter eye appearance

  • You can trick others into believing you are blind because of the damage or absence of your eyes.
  • Use completely black eyes to intimidate others, just like the Eyebite spell
  • You can convince others you are sick with your bloodshot eyes
  • Charisma is a benefit with eyes that are the colour of amathyst or sapphires. Add the sparkle of stars to a still night sea.

Combination Effects

  • You can convince others that your home is haunted by tremors and flickering lights, as well as moaning. This haunting could be removed for a fee.
  • Advantage intimidation: Booming voice, eyes color, and tremors
  • You can deceive: Are you disguised as a monster? To aid your deception, cause some tremors.
  • Performance advantage: Bards can benefit from dramatic sound effects and thunder that are timed perfectly to their stories
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