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Clever Cantrip Uses : Prestidigitation (DnD 5E)

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Huh? What’s the meaning of this word? “Presto!” is a magic demonstration that means to be fast. This can be mixed with “digit”, which is your fingers. They are used together to refer to a fancy illusion created with your hands and usually performed close by the audience who were often only a few people that met on the street.

To help you remember the purpose of this spell, consider what street magicians can do. But treat it as if it were magic. These street magicians are the inspiration for all of the spell’s abilities.

Harmless sensory effects

  • It should feel as if something is vibrating inside their pocket. It’s like when you feel like you have a notification on your phone.
  • Torture someone with the sensory effect of non-stop, harmless itching
  • A beautiful piano note is added for every step.
  • A well-timed fart or other gasmic sound can help to reduce stress.
  • With a choir or applause, announce your dramatic entrance
  • There is a bell nearby. It is worth checking out.

Light/snuff candles, torch, or campfire:

  • Do you need a light to light your cigar?
  • There is no longer a need to use flint or tinder
  • Your enemies’ light source must be extinguished
  • Set the bow’s string on fire by lighting it.
  • Grab a high-proof alcohol bottle and grab a piece or tear off a piece from your clothing. Then, stuff it in the bottle. What are the rules of molotov cocktails

1 Cubic Foot Clean/soil object:

  • If their uniform suddenly becomes stained, a guard may be inclined to flee.
  • Get rid of dirt and blood from your clothes. Make sure you also get rid of any bloodstains.
  • You need to get rid of any liquid or ink that has gotten on your documents.

1 cube of nonliving material.

  • Mix the deadly poison with a tasty cocktail
  • Dry rations are now a culinary delight
  • Perhaps the monster won’t bite you if your armor/clothing taste bad to him?
  • You can keep yourself and others warm or cool in extreme temperatures

Colour/Mark/Symbol on an object:

  • You might suddenly get a royal flush with your poker hand!
  • Your right to enter is confirmed by the King’s seal on a letter
  • To make it easier to find them, mark them
  • In case you need to go back, leave a trail
  • You can make a coin look like another: you can make copper look platinum, or vice versa
  • To better suit your needs, change the color of your outfit


  • The Player’s Handbook, page. 160. 160
  • Some of the items to be noted: Lock picks, Coins, Someone’s Underwear and Keys.
  • Make a wind-up mouse/teeth to distract you


  • Make an ice cube and then drop it on someone’s shirt. You can follow up by soiling their clothes
  • To reveal a colorful handprint, smack your hand on the table. You can also scratch the table to reveal a colored hand print.
  • Enhanced farts: The disgusting taste and smell of farts is only matched by the pants that were soiled
  • A guard may be more inclined to leave if their uniform suddenly smells rancid and is soiled.
  • You can make a dramatic entrance like a WWE wrestler. Applause, your logo on the sign, sparks!
  • Don’t wear soiled socks or unsanitary underwear.
  • You old street magician to give yourself an advantage to get your hands on some sleight-of-hand to check their pockets
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