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Clever Cantrip Uses : Minor Illusion (DnD 5E)

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The most versatile cantrip in Dungeons and Dragons is Minor Illusion. When I started D&D, I felt that the spell didn’t come up for me. My DM Mike K., the founder of Mym’s Well asked me to remove it from my spelllist and instead give Fiora Starbreeze (my Glamour Bard) Prestidigitation. Prestidigitation is a great spell, but I underestimated the Minor Illusion spell. The cantrip is very versatile if you’re creative.

Keep in mind that this cantrip can be very varied. However, there are some limitations. The image cannot be used simultaneously and the image can’t move or be moved. It also lasts only one minute unless it’s recast. These clever uses of the creative cantrip are worth mentioning.

Visual Illusions


  • Being chased? To stop them from following you, create an illusionary wall!
  • They got through the illusory wall! Keep them in a illusory container until they pass!
  • You could leave a trail of misleading tracks that leads to someone else!
  • You can destroy the bridge you have just crossed and build an illusionary bridge.


  • Make an illusionary stool at the bar, and invite someone else to join you at your dinner table.
  • You can leave illusory notes to someone who can read them and it disappears. This is a great option for those who don’t have the Message Cantrip.
  • You can change the signs on stores and streets.

Assisted Sneakiness

  • Do you need to see the contents of a room before entering? Make an illusion of a door, place it where you want, and then open it to let in the light!
  • To keep guards awake, steal an object and make an illusionary replica.
  • Do you need to sneak out of your hotel room undetected? Make a bed illusion.
  • You can escape prison by creating an illusion that you are still in your cell and not alerting the guards.
  • You can lure someone to your room with an illusory treasure box and then ambush them.
  • Make an illusion of the magic item you want and let your friends try to steal it.
  • Do you need to conceal a body? You can add minor illusion terrain to it. Passing guards don’t know what to do!
  • Do you have a window that you can sneak past? Cast Minor Illusion in the window and use a normal landscape image for a simple walk by.


  • You need to protect someone or something in an emergency? Create a minor illusion guard dog! (Maybe a sleeping one, due to spell restrictions)
  • Are you low on health during combat? Break the enemy’s line of sight and make something illusory for them to hide in: a boulder or a tree, a staircase, etc. To remain safe for a few rounds, shoot from within it.


  • Do you want to portray the person’s true face? Make an illusion of someone you love.
  • Do you need to communicate with your friends without being heard? Use comic-style speech bubbles
  • Many cases could benefit from a large pile of coins.
  • A big pile of poo could be a good alternative!
  • Do you need a slide-show? To show the information, you can use minor illusions!

Audio Illusions

Assisted Sneakiness

  • Are you unable to speak? Can’t speak? Use your minor illusory voice to communicate.
  • Even if you don’t have musical ability, create music to increase troop morale.
  • To induce fear, create an eerie atmosphere.


  • Make a distracting sound (IE. twig snapping, dog barking, etc.) When trying to get past guards, keep your distance.
  • Classic fart noises!
  • To make someone leave the area, sound an illusory alarm. You might even lure them into a trap to help them escape.
  • To create a huge distraction and confusion, you can walk into an enemy camp and shout “ATTENTION!” to their commander.

There are many other options, but these are our favorites. Are there any other suggestions that you would like to see added? We would love to hear about your favorite Minor Illusion use in the comments or on our Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook pages.

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