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How to Change Your Display Name in Valorant

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Your display name in Valorant, and other games by Riot, is a combination Riot ID + tagline. This is the name that players see in games and on Riot’s social app. This display name will be used by others to send friend requests. It is not your username.

Your display name in Riot’s gaming games is not the same as your username. Your username is the name that you use to log in. No one else has access to it except you.

You can change your name to TopFragg#Pro if it was something like “BotFragg#Noob” in the past. Names must be not less than 3 characters and not more than 16 characters. Words like Riot, Valorant and Riot’s any games name, offensive words, or any Valorant agent names are not allowed. You can limit the length of your tagline to 5 characters.

How to change your Valorant display name

Your Riot ID will match your Riot Games title display name, including League of Legends or Valorant. You should ensure that your Riot ID works for everyone!

It is very simple to modify the Riot ID or tagline. Here are the steps to change your Riot ID or tagline.

  1. Log in to your Riot account using your email address and password.
  2. After logging in successfully, you will be redirected to Riot’s account administration page.
  3. The RiotID section is located at the top of this webpage.
  4. You will find your current active display name in’ROOT ID_’ and #tag within’TAGLINE_’.
  5. Next, delete all active inputs.
  6. To generate a tagline, click on the randomize button.
  7. Next, click on “SAVE CHANCES“.

You can change your display name during any Riot game. To see the changes, restart the game.

Is it possible to change your name for a fee?

It doesn’t cost anything, except for a few minutes. In League of Legends, players had to use Riot Point to change their names. But now it’s completely free for all of Riot games.

How often can your display name be changed?

Noting that your Riot ID can be changed will impact your name across all Riot Games. Riot support states that you can only do this one time per 30 days. So make sure to choose wisely.

Though Riot uses 2-step authentication for account safety, but it’s better to use a different display name rather than a username for security purposes.

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