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How To Cancel Weight Watchers? [3 Easy Ways]

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Are you tired of Weight Watchers? Do you feel it is no longer beneficial to your health? It’s time to end your Weight Watchers membership. We will show you how to cancel Weight Watchers today.

Note If your knowledge of Weight Watchers is already extensive, you can jump to the section ‘How to Cancel Weight Watchers’. Here we will discuss cancellation procedures and answer any questions users may have about cancelling their Weight Watchers membership.

What is Weight Watchers?

WeightWatchers International is a worldwide company that offers weight management programs. Jean Nidetch, a U.S.-based entrepreneur, founded the organization. Nidetch was a mother and a homemaker before becoming an American business entrepreneur. She struggled with her weight from childhood through adulthood. This forced her to explore different weight loss options, including taking pills, hypnosis and participating in weight-loss programs.

Although Nidetch did lose weight after these programs, she was unhappy with the way clinic staff communicated information. She began to coach weekly groups of people from her neighborhood and her apartment about weight loss. Al Lippert, a businessman and husband of Felice Lippert, encouraged Nidetch, to start his own business after they had lost weight. Weight Watchers was born from this idea.

Weight Watchers’ mission is to provide weight loss, maintenance, and fitness services to customers using a point-based program called “Freestyle”. The points system is based on calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein. The points are calculated based on the amount of sugar or saturated fat. This means that users should reduce the sugar and fat content of their food. The points will be lower if there is more protein. These diets can help you lose weight. The same applies to calories. A person who is overweight must lose extra weight by properly exercising and consuming fewer calories.

You will get some points each day if you join Weight Watchers. The Weight Watchers system is different for everyone. It depends on your height, weight and gender as well as the goals you have set. It is useful for people who want to make healthy food and drink choices that will help them lose weight and improve their health. It will help you reach your weight loss goals and reduce the chance of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes. As long as you can keep your points, it will work.

Although Weight Watchers has been a great help for many people with weight problems and other eating disorders, there have been major setbacks in recent times. The main reason is that they are often too expensive and difficult to afford. The cost of Weight Watchers varies depending on where you live. The cost of Weight Watchers per week ranges between $6.92 to $13.85, depending upon how many weeks are paid in advance. The $20 starter fee is acceptable with some promotions. Digital Online Plus starts at $3.07 per Week. Other than the cost, the reason for the program is that it can be tedious and sometimes lead to unhealthy eating habits.

Many users feel the need to end their Weight Watcher membership for these reasons.

How to Cancel Weight Watchers Online

The website of Weight Watchers is the best and easiest way to cancel your Weight Watchers membership. These are the steps:

  1. ”Log In” to ”Your Account” at
  2. Go to your “Profile Page”
  3. Look for the option that reads “Cancel my Account
  4. Scroll down until you see the button “Complete Cancellation”.
  5. Click the button.
  6. Complete the Cancellation Form.
  7. Wait until you receive a confirmation email from Weight Watchers in the mail inbox.

How to Cancel Weight Watchers by Phone

If you would prefer to cancel your Weight Watchers membership by calling, it may take up to half an hour before someone from customer service picks your call. Here are the steps if you insist on continuing with this process:

  1. Call 800-651-6000
  2. You are already a member, so you can press 4
  3. To skip the survey, press 5 then 2
  4. Wait until someone connects to your call
  5. Politely state that You want to cancel your membership
  6. Before you terminate a phone conversation, make sure you have a cancellation number
  7. To cancel your membership , call again

How to Cancel Weight Watchers by Live Chat

Weight Watchers offers a live chat service that is available 24/7 to answer any questions. Anyone can access the live chat service at any hour to get quick answers from a human. Chatting with a live agent on the Weight Watchers website is easy. These are the steps:

  1. From the top right corner, click on the “Profile Icon”.
  2. Locate the Blue Chat Bubble above your Weight Graph.
  3. Click on to chat with a live Web Watcher agent.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can Weight Watchers be cancelled at any time?

Your Weight Watchers membership is renewed monthly and will continue to be billed until you cancel at your choice. After the expiration of your current month, your cancellation will take effect. You will not receive any refund for the money you have paid.

Is there an cancellation fee for Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers offers a discounted, long-term recurring plan that includes an advanced settled termination fee. This is in addition to their standard cancellation policy and refunds policy. A cancellation fee would be assessed if a subscriber cancels the plan before the period has ended.

How come I can’t log in to my Weight Watchers account

Logging in again is required to activate your Weight Watchers subscription. If you have trouble logging in, make sure you double-check your username and password. You can also reset your cookies to retrieve your account.

Which is better: Noom or Weight Watchers

Noom and WeightWatchers both have benefits when it comes to weightloss. Noom, however, is more promising than Weight Watchers because it went beyond food restrictions and included educationally sustainable diets and health habits.

How can I reach Weight Watchers customer service

Call 800-651-6000, or use the live chat feature in the app to speak with a representative. Weight Watcher customer service will get back to you as soon as possible.

Last words

We are grateful that you took the time to read this article. We hope this article has cleared up any doubts you may have about Weight Watchers.

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