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Bitcoin Farm 12.12 Breakdown

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So I searched for a spreadsheet that would show the investment costs of the Bitcoin Farm. To see when I would break-even, but couldn’t find one. Here is the one I created. I hope it helps someone.

There are some important things you need to know about how I make these estimates. To get the latest 24-hour price estimates for all items, I use the Tarkok market website. Prices will fluctuate, which could have an impact on long-term profits, especially fuel prices.

Fuel: I used 100 fuel points to calculate how many fuel points (100 in a metal fuel container) were consumed in 24 hours. I then broke down the fuel point value. This might not be accurate so I will redo it to verify.

Also, we assume that these estimates do not show a gradual progression. This works on the assumption that you begin today with 50 graphics cards and then go up from there.

You can list all these items on the flea marketplace undervalue and spend all day waiting for them to be listed. This will save you a lot of time and money. The best way to save money is to actually find the items, which I assume you have never done when making these estimates. To be covered in all eventualities, I try to be as accurate as possible when estimating stuff.

Because I don’t know how crafting and hideout management impact the bitcoin farm or any other aspect of it, I’m not paying much attention. If someone can explain what these skills actually do, I’d be glad to add them to my calculation.

Last, I want to mention the sections that are color-coded in darker red. This is the section I call ” Hypothetical/Not Possible”. If you don’t have the required solar farm, this is what Bitcoin Farm Level 3 could do. That section of information was just something that I was curious about.

If I have missed anything, please let me know. I’m sure you will.

Edit: Fuel costs should not be included as they are being covered by many other activities in hideout. I have added something to cover fuel costs. It is also important to mention that in order to make Bitcoin Farm 3, you will need Water Collector 3. I didn’t account for this cost. I decided not to assume that everyone will get water collector 3 for super water or booze collector. I don’t believe most people get solar farms which is why I counted both.

A new sheet was created to divide some of the non-solar data. This might make it easier for you to see.

Edit2: I forgot the Euros in Solar Power when I redid them. It was a minor 11 mil rub mistake that had absolutely no impact.

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