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Best Deck For Each Arena in Rush Royale

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You’ll be able to unlock new cards as you progress through Rush Royale by climbing trophies. Some of the most powerful decks contain cards that can only be unlocked in higher Arenas. What deck is the best for Rush Royale Arena? Below are the details.

Robot is one of the most powerful cards in the game, and it can only be unlocked by the Royal Trials event. We won’t be looking at decks without this card because it doesn’t have an arena unlock stage and is extremely powerful in most decks.

Best Deck For Arena 1 (Seeker)

You’ll have very few cards when you first start in Rush Royale. You’ll also likely face opponents with similar decks. You could be playing against the wrong bosses if you have trouble beating them. For strategies on how you can play against them effectively, make sure to visit our Boss Guide

  • Archer, Cold Mage and Lightning Mage Priestess, Reaper

Best Deck For Arena 2 (Recruit)

Arena 2 is where your first Legendary card and the most powerful Epic card in the game, Engineer, will be unlocked. The Engineer card can be incorporated into your deck to help you build a strong deck for Arena 2. It will also make you stronger as you unlock more cards.

  • Engineer, Priestess and Lightning Mage, Reaper

Frost is the first Legendary card that can be unlocked in the game. However, we haven’t included it into our deck. Cold Mage is a stronger card. Crowd control (CC) can be stacked, so if you want to slow down your enemies, add Frost to the Cold Mage.

Engineer is a game where damage is multiplied for each connected card. This can affect the way you combine cards.

Best Deck for Arena 3 (Cadet).

Arena 3 is where your first buff card can be unlocked. Bombardier is also available, which can prove to be very helpful when you are fighting bosses. This Arena will still have Engineer, but you’ll make some adjustments.

  • Engineer, Cold Mage. Bombardier. Priestess. Banner.

Best Deck for Arena 4 (Rookie).

You have reached the Boreas unlock arena, which contains the first decent Legendary cards. You don’t have to worry if you can’t find Boreas in your chest. This unlocks Sentry, which I refer to as the budget Boreas. It’s not as good as Boreas but it’s still a good placeholder.

  • Boreas, Cold Mage. Bombardier. Banner. Priestess.
  • Engineer, Cold Mage. Bombardier. Priestess. Banner

The Arena 3 deck was included again. This is because it’s still an excellent option. Boreas will often win against Engineer in early games, but Engineer is stronger as the game progresses. Engineer can be used if your games seem to be going well.

Best Deck For Arena 5 (Brawler)

You will unlock the Vampire key mana card once you have reached this point. He will replace Priestess until you unlock stronger legendary cards in later Arenas.

  • Boreas, Chemist OR Alchemist Bombardier Vampire Cold Mage
  • Engineer, Chemist OR Alchemist Bombardier Vampire Cold Mage

The Alchemist (AOE) is one of the first areas of effect cards you can incorporate into your decks. It can make a big difference in the early games.

Best Deck for Arena 6 (Cutthroat).

Arena 6 is where Grindstone is unlocked, which can be used in future decks along with other legendary cards. You can also unlock Executioner here, which is able to help bosses with his execute.

  • Boreas, Plague Doctors, Executioners, Vampires, Cold Mage

Best Deck for Arena 7 (Duelist).

Arena 7 will unlock Hex, a new buff card that is crucial for the current meta. Thunderer will also be available. You’ll also unlock Thunderer, thanks to the meta overhaul. However, you will need to unlock a few more cards in Arena 12 before you can complete the deck.

  • Thunderer, Grindstone OR Hex Boreas, Cold Mage OR Bombardier Vampire

Thunderer hits an additional target for every merge rank, making it more valuable the higher the rank. You’ll want to ensure that you get a merge rank at least two before moving on. A merge rank of one is useless.

Best Deck for Arena 8 (Watchman).

If you have not been able to find a Boreas so far, you can now unlock Wind Archer, a budget Boreas. Dryad, a powerful PVP card, will also be unlocked. You’ll also be able to unlock Zealot or Demon Hunter. These cards are great for CO-OP Decks but do not have a place in current PVP meta.

  • Engineer, Dryad OR Chemist, Cold Mage or Vampire
  • Thunderer, Grindstone OR Hex Boreas, Cold Mage OR Bombardier Vampire

Engineer is a great option if you’re looking to do something new in Arena 7 or use the Dryad.

Best Deck for Arena 9 (Warrior).

Harlequin is here! This card, which is the strongest in the game, can be used in any top deck and offers a lot more versatility. This card is your ticket to playing with the big dogs.

  • Harlequin and Dryad, Thunderer and Grindstone, Bombardier
  • Harlequins, Dryads, Boreas and Hex, Priestess
  • Harlequin. Corsair. Executioner. Trapper. Bombardier.

Best Deck for Arena 10 (Veteran).

It’s time to celebrate Inquisitor, another milestone in the current meta. Most of the top decks currently use Inquisitor. You can learn more about it by checking out our Inquisitor deck guides.

  • Harlequins, Inquisitors, Dryads, Grindstone, Cold Mage
  • Harlequins, Inquisitors, Dryads, Hex, Cold Mage
  • Harlequins, Harlequins, Dryads, Corsairs, Grindstone

Best Deck For Arena 11 (Eliminator)

You can unlock Summoner, a powerful card that is used in many decks. Although it doesn’t give you any mana directly, I consider it a’mana-card’ as it can help you save a lot. While we’ll continue to use Inquisitor, we will also add Summoner.

  • Harlequins, Summoners, Inquisitors, Cold Mage, Mime
  • Corsair, Summoner, Harlequin, Mime, Executioner
  • Corsair, Summoner, Harlequin, Trapper, Executioner

Best Deck for Arena 12 (Destroyer).

  • Inquisitor, Knight Statue, Chemist, Dryad, Harlequin
  • Harlequins, Summoners, Demonologists, Inquisitor and Stasis

Best Arena Deck 13 (Conqueror).

Congratulation, you’ve done it. Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final round and now have all of your cards. You have also unlocked Shaman, one of the most irritating cards in the game. If you find yourself in a lot Of Inquisitor decks you can now incorporate Shaman to counter them.

Arena 13 is also where Scrapper is unlocked, a newer card that can be used in the game and is included in some of our top decks.

  • Inquisitor, Knight Statue, Portal Keeper, Chemist, Scrapper
  • Shaman, Harlequins, Summoner and Engineer, Mime

If you want to combat Inquisitor, I wouldn’t recommend running the Shaman deck.

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