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BDO Where To Sell Fish – Best Locations, How-To & Tips

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Black Desert Online is a great place to fish. Once you have caught enough of these slimy sea creatures, many people begin to wonder how BDO sells fish.

We’ve created a guide to selling your fishing gear. It includes the best places, how-tos, and key tips to make sure you have a great experience.

Black Desert Online: How to Sell Fish

BDO prohibits you from selling your fish to anyone you like. You’ll be ripped off by normal goods vendors who won’t take them.

Here’s where you can trade the bounty of your farming efforts in Black Desert Online.

The Trade Manager

People looking for BDO to buy fish in BDO would need to visit the Trade Manager to get their seafood pawned.

How to Find the Trade Manager in BDO

To locate the Trade Manager, press the “M” hotkey to open in-game’s world map.

You will need to locate and select the search icon.

Once you have done that, search for the Trade Manager on the Nearby NPC List. You should denote them as a cartwheel.

After you choose the Trade Manager, your character will automatically set a path to the nearest one.

How to Sell Your Fish

Once you have reached the BDO trade manager, you will need to speak to them and open your trading window.

This window will show you your inventory of items that are available for sale. You will also find your fish.

Click on the fish you wish to trade and choose a price or click on Sell All to clear your inventory at the current average market price.

Selling fish can be a tedious task, but it is possible. Here’s a tip: Try to sell your fish at least three miles from the place you caught it. The rule of three’s is a great way to bank absolute. Every node that you pass increases the price of the fish that you are carrying by a substantial 3%.

You don’t need to link the nodes as it doesn’t have any effect on the maximum price.

If you want to make sure you get every penny possible, you might also consider buying the Artisan II trading gear and selling them at Valencia.

Tip: Don’t Forget The Imperial Fishing Delivery NCPC

You can also sell certain types of fish and quantities outside of the Trade Manager. Here’s a tip if you haven’t met the handsome lad in-game.

The Imperial Fishing Delivery NPC accepts both yellow and blue fish and will pay handsomely for them.

Keep in mind that this NPC can only accept a certain number of fish per node. You can also find the NPC by looking at the list of nearby NPCs on your map, just as the trade manager. You can also search for “Fishing”, using the in-game search function.

What kind of fish can you sell in BDO?

Like most games, Black Desert fish come in different “tiers”. You’ll typically see 5 categories of fish. These categories will not only determine the rarity of fish caught in-game but also the price at which fish will be sold.

Black Desert Fish Prices and Types Online

Here is a quick overview of the five rarest fish and their price-grades.

  1. Orange Fish – This category is rarest and most sought after. They can be purchased in-game for 125,000 silver.
  2. Yellow Fish – These fish are somewhat less common than the Orange Fish and sell for approximately 20,000 silver.
  3. Blue Fish – If you spend a lot time fishing, these are quite common. These can be sold for approximately 5,000 silver.
  4. Green Fish – Very common and sells for around 2,000 silver.
  5. White Fish – These fish are mostly junk but can be sold for 200 silver each.

We recommend the BDO Fish Map to help you find the best schools and plan your route to get maximum profit. You can also find information on monsters in the BDO Sea Monster Hunting Guide.

Attention To The Expiry Date

It’s a common fact among players, but some beginners don’t realize that Black Desert Online fish have a 24-hour expiry. Once you have caught a fish, you must beat the timer to sell it in BDO.

Closing Words

Black Desert Online is a great place to fish. It can be difficult to figure out how you can get the most money for your sea-fairing adventures, as it is with all trade goods.

We hope that our guide on how to sell fish from A to Z has helped you find the best location in the game to make fishing profitable.

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