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4 Great Artists To Use As Background Music For Your D&D Sessions

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A great background song is a great way to give your Dungeons and Dragons players energy!

It can be difficult to find the right artist or album for your session. I will share some of my favorite albums to help you get started.

#1 Slow Motion

RSM is an excellent soundtrack artist for any occasion. I use them when writing, and they’ve been around for nearly a decade.

There are many albums, each with a different instrument and tonal, but the majority of their music is epic and grand.

Battle Angel is a great choice if you want to hear more battle/encounter music. HTML3_

#2 Audiomachine

This music is great for fighting. It has a lot beat and passion. My favorite track is Our Heroes Return, from the album Cinetix.

These songs are extremely suspenseful and focused, which makes them great for intense battles.

#3 The Kaladinalbum from The Black Piper

This is the most varied collection of music I will recommend. This music was written originally to accompany an epic fantasy novel. It contains both battle music and emotionally charged songs. It’s also a great listen!

#4 Emily Axford

Emily Axford is a familiar name to many. She writes music and plays in Not Another D&D podcast. Because it was specifically written for D&D, the music is great for D&D.

Two albums of her music have been released so far: Tales from Crick, and The Galaderon Saga. These albums are great for social scenes or emotional scenes. They’re also a lot more chilled than other music and loop very easily.

All of the music can be found on YouTube, Spotify and just about anywhere else you find your music. This should have given you some ideas for background music.

– @lilybet.writes

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