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All Destiny 2 Last Wish Wishes For the Wall Of Wishes | How To Make Wishes In The Last Wish Raid

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You’re now in the right place if you want to know what the Last Wish Wishes are and how they work.

You will need the Wall of Wishes to use the Last Wish Wishes. It can be found in Last Wish raid. There you will be able wish for something based upon the codes that you have entered.

Teleporting into raid can be a great way to unlock new emblems, increase kills, or even teleport to another location.

How to get to the Wall of Wishes

To use the Last Wish Wishes, you’ll need to locate the Wall of Wishes.

The Wall of Wishes can be found at the beginning of the Last Wish raid. It is accessible as a solo player.

You can see the route you will need to follow to reach the Wall of Wishes in the video below.

How the Wall of Wishes Works

The Wall of Wishes consists of 21 buttons. To grant the wish, you must stand on the plate in the middle of the room and enter the appropriate symbols.

You can enter the right symbols to make different wishes, which will have a different reward and effect.

Each button can cycle 16 symbols. There are four fish symbols to start with, four snake symbols, four dragon symbol, and four bird symbols.

It is possible to step on the center plate with an incorrect sequence. The wall will reset.

You can make wishes solo and can enter as many wishes you wish. You can also use the wishes to teleport to a specific boss encounter without needing to defeat any other bosses.

The fourth wish allows you to skip to Shuro Chi. This will allow you to go back to a secret box to find it and then collect it.

Wish 1: Gives an Ethereal Key

Wish 1 grants you an Ethereal key.

Wish 2: Spawns a Chest Between Morgeth and The Vault

Wish 2 causes a chest between the Morgeth and The Spirekeeper boss fight and the Vault, which can only be opened using a Glittering Key.

Wish 3: Gives an Emblem

Wish 3 unlocks an Emblem

Wish 4: Teleport to Shuro Chi, The Corrupted

Wish 4 will instantly wipe all Fireteam members and teleport them back to the start of the Shuro Chi boss fight.

Wish 5: Teleport to Morgeth, The Spirekeeper

Wish 5 will instantly wipe all Fireteam members and teleport them back to the start of the Morgeth boss fight, The Spirekeeper.

Wish 6: Teleport to The Vault

Wish 6 will instantly wipe all Fireteam members and teleport them back to the beginning Vault encounter.

Wish 7: Teleport to Riven Of A Thousand Voices

Wish 7 will instantly wipe all Fireteam members and teleport them back to the start of the Riven of a Thousand Voices encounter.

Wish 8: Hope For The Future, Plays Song

Wish 8 will perform the song Hope for the Future.

Wish 9: Failsafe Easter Egg Dialogue

Wish 9 generates a dialogue with Failsafe who then speaks throughout all of the raid.

Wish 10: Drifter Easter Egg Dialogue

Wish 10 adds Drifter’s dialogue to the raid.

Wish 11: Adds Grunty Birthday Party Effect

Wish 11 adds explosive effects to all headshot kills in raid. This is similar to the Grunt Birthday Party in Halo.

Wish 12: Increases Player Head Effect

Wish 12 creates an effect around the head of the player.

Wish 13: Adds Extinguish Effect

Wish 13 allows Extinguish (also known as Petra’s Run). This is a timed raid in which if one player dies the entire Fireteam will be returned to Orbit. The raid will then reset.

This is a victory and is required to obtain the title “Riven’s Bane”.

Wish 14: Spawns Corrupted eggs

Wish 14 will spawn many Corrupted Eggs during the raid. These eggs can be destroyed with the Wish Endder exotic bow. These Corrupted Eggs can also be destroyed to earn a Triumph or a Seal.

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